Singapore, 15th October 2022, ZEXPRWIRE, Ozone Chain Labs has launched its have Testnet and Block Explorer “Ozone Scan”.

Testnet Link:

Block Explorer Link:

Ozone Chain is the one and easiest Quantum Resistant Blockchain that has handed TUV Rheinland & NIST assessments. The testnet is launched and audited by Cyberscope, a main Audit firm.

Pick 1: Ozone Chain – World’s 1st Quantum Resistant Blockchain

The Quantum computing threats to Blockchain:

Capabilities of a Quantum ComputersSecurity holes in BlockchainUse of Pseudo Random Numbers (PRN)Threat of Quantum assault in miningInterception, decryption, and tamper of files communicationsAlgorithms weak to Quantum Computing
Ozone Chain – A future willing Quantum Blockchain:

Constructing resilience against future threats is a truly considerable to be clear that that considerable parts of the blockchain and cryptocurrency economy withhold thriving. The difficulty is that investments for defense from medium to long-term dangers are a little bit pure to fail to identify or forget, given extra urgent original issues, and the costs might well well no longer seem at present justified. It in most cases takes some ghastly incidents to incentivize the considerable proactive steps.

While blockchain abilities prides itself in providing a trustless map upon which the economy of digital currencies and belongings feature, the underlying security mechanisms silent rely on classical cryptographical processes, thus necessitating a selected level of belief in them. Ozone chain has assimilated quantum mechanical properties into its map, thus eradicating the trustful factor of the safety subsystem in blockchain, with ambitions of migrating against of a indubitably trustless blockchain.

About Ozone Chain:

Ozone Chain is the sphere’s 1st Quantum Resistant Blockchain that has constructed-in bleeding edge quantum security technologies in its gain. Originate procure, scalable and user-pleasant apps for mission excessive domains.

Ozone Chain Testnet & Ozone Scan (Block Explorer) is live and running.

Testnet Link:

Block Explorer Link:

Ozone Pockets – Dapp will seemingly be launched in Play Store & App Store almost at present.


Quantum Random Numbers (QRN) generated from laser source

Lattice-based Put up Quantum Cryptography (PQC)

Quantum tech tested and licensed by TUV

EVM love minded

Proof of Authority (POA) & QBFT

Block time – 5 Seconds

Deploy Natty Contracts & plan D-apps

Governance by balloting

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