PIXXTASY, an NFT undertaking that promotes drug exercise abstinence and helps anti-drug charities, will mint its pieces of exquisitely hand-drawn 3D pixel paintings inspired by industry giants and in model culture on September 7.

According to the PIXXTASY team, every NFT is uncommon and hand-drawn by a expert pixel artist to get them extra original and extremely popular. The NFTs resemble popular culture symbols, industry giants, emojis, and sports icons. Explicit paintings includes logos of prominent brands reminiscent of Apple, Mcdonald’s, and Netflix and icons worship Whats up Kitty, Darth Vader, and Spongebob.

Particularly, some paintings of the NFTs takes inspiration from valid-world medicine, because it aligned with the undertaking’s goal to boost awareness about what illegal medicine can also inspect worship and the risks of taking them.

The collection’s first mint will slide dwell at the moment at 20: 00 (UTC), Wednesday, and followed by nine subsequent mintings per week except November 9.

The PIXXTASY team additionally recognizes the challenges treatment amenities and NGOs face in establishing an online presence. In dedication to fighting drug addiction, PIXXTASY will exercise the funds from the sale of the NFTs to find a platform to onboard these charities in their mission to increase the rehabilitation of drug-dependent individuals. In explicit, PIXXTASY will aid empower these groups, helping them increase funds extra efficiently by strategy of blockchain know-how.

Moreover, PIXXTASY appears to be like to be like to create a international online platform and launchpad the save of us or corporations can reach out to organizations and create solutions to increase the restoration of illegal drug customers.

No longer at once, the undertaking objectives to be a international fling that helps the combat against medicine. It appears to be like to be like to boost $1,000,000 already pledged to a immense selection of charities, NGOs, and rehab amenities worldwide.

Customers can consult with the collection’s OpenSea listing to investigate cross-take a look at the ordinary collection. Follow PIXXTASY’s social media for extra updates: Discord, Instagram, LinkedIn, TikTok, and Twitter.


PIXXTASY is an NFT undertaking that promotes drug exercise abstinence and helps anti-drug charities. The undertaking is founded by Zoltán Egri, a former drug-dependent who is now an lively advocate against drug exercise. The undertaking will increase rehabilitation centers and NGOs with their operations by strategy of blockchain, cryptocurrency, and NFT.

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