WHAT: Thirst Drinks launches an NFT mission where customers can uncover a digital Thirst card that they’ll redeem for his or her product FREE from all Thirst stores on every day foundation for existence. Witness thirstdrinks.com/nfts for detailed mission overview.

WHO: Thirst Drinks at 5 space (downtown Salt Lake Metropolis, Millcreek, West Jordan, Bountiful, Tooele) soda and pretzel shop began 6 years ago by 19 twelve months ancient Ethan Cisneros. Please contact Ethan at 909-979-7302 or ethan@thirstdrinks.com with any inquiries or questions.

What are Thirst NFTs?

Don’t overcomplicate it…these are digital Thirst playing cards that the Thirsty Nation can OWN! They’re collections of NFTs (one collection for every of our novel stores and one for every store we delivery going ahead) which would be 25 odd Thirst characters impressed by our most common menu items. In every collection, the characters are on hand in bronze, silver, or gold “rarity stages” for a total of 75 NFTs per collection. House owners of a Thirst NFT can redeem their NFT personality merchandise for FREE at all Thirst stores on every day foundation for existence… PLUS 10% off all various items for silver rarity NFTs and 25% off all various items for gold rarity NFTs. Thirst NFTs are are living to mint as of now:  Bronze: $400, Silver $600, Gold 800.

This is now not any longer some bullshit rip-off look after the sector’s perception of NFTs is moral now. For my customers, THE VALUE THEY GET IS UNMATCHED:

Thirst NFTs abet accurate UTILITY rate that will even be redeemed at all Thirst stores.
“Shopping and selling card nostalgic” rate of owning a extremely restricted provide of Thirst history that represents a collection essentially based around every store and inform it turned into once opened (Downtown #1, Millcreek #2, West Jordan #3, etc.). As the emblem and enterprise continues to grow, Thirst NFTs shall be in increased ask and the fashioned collections will turn out to be more uncommon and thus well-known.
The resale rate of Thirst NFTs turn an expense into an asset! After owning and redeeming free product with an NFT, home owners occupy the skill to listing and sell their NFT on the blockchain (elevate our most costly NFT for $800, consume it as worthy as you wish for 2 years, and sell it for $1500? )

Detached no longer a believer in NFTs? Ignore the total lot various than that here’s a digital voucher or coupon card that will place customers a TON…

Assuming that a customer visits three times per week, their free NFT merchandise being rate $5 common, and they elevate accurate one various merchandise when they near ($5.50 after tax common)

$780/twelve months financial savings JUST IN PRODUCT for Bronze
$858/twelve months JUST IN PRODUCT for Silver
$975/twelve months JUST IN PRODUCT for Gold

The wonderful fragment? NFT technology turns an expense into an asset. That methodology AFTER you’re done with the consume of your Thirst NFT and the total free product it will get you, that you would be able to sell it for potentially as worthy or more than you purchased it for. THAT accurate makes sense from a life like standpoint.

So why the heck am I doing this as a enterprise proprietor/entrepreneur?

It’s a monetary resolve. Not handiest pause I gather the initial sale from the mint, however each time our NFTs gather resold on the secondary market, we are able to gather a royalty. With my plans to lift a lifetime of increased rate to my NFT holders and promote exchange, I conception to gather loads more money on secondary sales over the following 10 years than I will with the mint. Furthermore, Thirst customers usually ever elevate 1 single factor. After they near to redeem their NFT, the margin on the relaxation of the things they elevate can quiet toughen the sale or on the least shatter even for us. And unnecessary to pronounce, in addition to they lift their buddy with them who will elevate one thing as neatly.
It’s a imprint touchpoint: It’s JUST one other reason of customers to imagine us, talk to friends about us, lift us up on the dinner table, and eventually near elevate one thing at our stores. The same recommendations why we’re constantly posting on every social media, setting up text lits, email campaigns, Thirst app, my personal imprint memoir, etc. Not to mention here’s a imprint touchpoint that HAS NOT BEEN EXECUTED at a brick and mortar vogue with REAL accurate rate for the home owners of NFTs.
It’s a resolve-resolve: Any form of plan or switch within the game of enterprise that leaves the customer stoked and feeling stout in regards to the rate they got for the money they spent AND the enterprise is a success and pleased with the product/carrier they’ve supplied…IS GOING TO BE A STRATEGY USED BY EVERYONE. It accurate makes too worthy sense.
I desire to be on the forefront of innovation as an entrepreneur! Not handiest pause I desire to resolve, however I desire to resolve look after no person has ever done prior to. I’m actually obsessed (potentially to a touching on level, haha) with this game of entrepreneurship.

So what’s my future conception/imaginative and prescient for this mission and for Thirst in unheard of?

I’m in this for the long game. I’m able to also occupy accurate grew to turn out to be 25 however I’ve been fixed at executing and setting up finally ends up in entrepreneurship for the final 10 years. I am going to manufacture Thirst into one of many most connected, sought after, loved brands within the short meals carrier condominium. I conception to grow the firm in every single location. I imagine it’s an every pronounce, every country, Disneyland caliber of name. At the same time as you specialise in in what I accurate said, these fashioned collections of my NFTs ceaselessly is the wonderful funding of all time. Take into accout owning Chick fil A’s store #2 rooster nugget NFT. That would be rate a total bunch of hundreds…

The long lumber conception of Thirst NFTs is to lift a lifetime of rate and GRATITUDE to the home owners/holders of this mission. Our NFT holders are our greatest supporters and I pause no longer conception to protect that without a consideration. Once our mint sells out, that is accurate the muse! I conception to proceed to promote and lift increased rate to our holders including however no longer restricted to: yearly uncommon Thirst celebration, early gather admission to for all things Thirst, free merchandise, taste testings, and much more all in addition to to the utility rate at Thirst stores. The more we can fabricate ask and rate for our NFTs, the more the impress of them goes up! That might even be a resolve for no longer handiest the enterprise, however for OUR HOLDERS.


Ethan Cisneros

Thirst Drinks

38 E 1300 S

Salt Lake Metropolis, UT 84115