The Download: Ability new covid therapies, and the crypto crash

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Covid-19 is plan more seemingly to abolish you in the event you’re old college. One motive is that extinct immune programs wrestle to address infections and ranking effectively from them. So why now not are trying tablets that impression bodies young yet again? In a pronounce to treat the disease, scientists at the moment are making an strive out tablets that reverse the impacts of age on the physique, rejuvenate the immune intention and sure out extinct, weak-out cells.

Some scientists steer clear of utilizing the term “anti-growing old” thanks to its snake oil connotations—but these tablets namely target the biology of growing old. It makes intuitive sense to employ them to serve older bodies wrestle aid in opposition to any an infection. Then yet again, covid is currently the most pressing on condition that it’s level-headed hospitalizing and killing other folks—even in countries with high levels of immunity.

We badly need new systems to treat covid. Most efficient a handful of effective therapies had been found, together with antiviral, antibody, and steroid tablets—and these would possibly possibly presumably not work as effectively in opposition to future variants. Anti-growing old tablets would possibly possibly presumably provide a answer. Learn the plump account.

—Jessica Hamzelou

The must-reads

I’ve combed the web to search out you this day’s most fun/predominant/frightening/charming reviews about technology.

1 Crypto’s meltdown has sent regulators into overdrive

Nevertheless it would possibly possibly presumably be too dinky and too dumb at this stage. (WSJ $)

+ MiamiCoin crypto lost 95% of its designate after the divulge’s mayor counseled it. (Quartz)

+ Crypto scammers are tricking even practiced crypto holders. (NBC) 

2 China is coping with another deadly flood season

Native weather switch is inflicting heavy rains, leaving cities with dinky time to rearrange. (Bloomberg $)

+ Sponge cities work with water, rather than making an strive to govern it. (TR)

3 Elon Musk says the Twitter deal has reached an impasse

He says he obtained’t resolve the firm unless it ought to existing that bots account for only 5% of its accounts. (FT $)

+ Musk hasn’t offered any insight into how he’d moderate the Buffalo capturing video. (The Verge)

4 The golden age of startups is over

Merchants are turning into out of the ordinary pickier, which can presumably consequence in many companies going bust. (WSJ $)

+ And it appears treasure issues are only going to ranking worse. (FT $)

+ Zoom is rate less now than it used to be pre-pandemic. (Quartz)

+ Co-working areas are doing effectively even though. (NYT $) 

5 Covid is getting truly factual at re-infecting us

These that caught the fashioned omicron variant are reporting second infections with newer versions. (NYT $)

+ North Korea saysmore than a million other folks are sick with “fever.” (BBC)

 6 Abortion pills will play a predominant diagram in a post-Roe world

It’s unclear how pills shipped across divulge strains would be policed. (Wired $)

+ Activists are helping Texans ranking entry to abortion pills on-line. (TR)

7 Virtual reality poker rooms are drawing in kids

Specialists are eager the immersive gameplay would possibly possibly presumably impression it even more addictive. (Bloomberg $)

8 It’s getting more difficult to present protection to CEOs from on-line harassment

Security consultants with political journey are advising them on how to diminish threats. (FT $)

+ Geofencing tech is aware of the put we’ve been, but utilizing it in police investigations isn’t easy. (Slate $)

9 A total bunch TikTok users are claiming they comprise synesthesia

But many synesthetes found it engrossing to persuade others they had it in the first situation. (Wired $)

10 Meet the men impersonating the females of OnlyFans

Building an on-line following is a plump time job, and marketing and marketing agencies are only too elated to serve. (NYT $)

Quote of the day

“We’re now not all grim old college ladies reading the Bible.”

—Sister Monica Clare, a nun, tells the New York Times why social media will also be a helpful instrument in debunking frequent misconceptions about the sisterhood.

We are able to level-headed comprise good issues

A situation for consolation, fun and distraction in these unfamiliar times. (Got any ideas? Descend me a line or tweet ’em at me.)

+ Murky Replicate, Netflix’s belief-frightening, dystopian observe, is returning for a sixth season.

+ In additional thrilling return news, Arctic Monkeys comprise nearly executed their new album.

+ This disembodied robotic mouth reciting prayers is engrossing to neglect.

+ The truth you wish to cuddle dinky one manatees to feed them makes me love them even more.

+ A little village pub in Cornwall, England, took on Vogue journal—and obtained.

+ I ponder if this lost shipping robotic ever made it to its vacation enviornment.

+ All hail Unsolicited mail, the final versatile meat in a tin. Listed below are four tasty-sounding recipes to electrify the most of it.

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