With “Dream Big.” by Scottish artist Chris Labrooy, Porsche brings the global initiative “The Art of Dreams” to America for the first time. The piece speaks to the child in all of us and transports us back to a time when our imagination knew no boundaries. Where did we hope our journey would take us?
Are we following our dreams? As if rising up from another dimension, the larger-than-life figure inspires us to ask:

Where will our dreams take us next?

The installation was placed outside of PAMM as an homage to the museum’s mission of making contemporary art accessible to all. It stands as a testament to the power of art and its ability to captivate and evoke emotion. The sight of the Spaceman holding a Porsche 911 is sure to draw the attention of passersby and is a great addition to Miami’s vibrant art scene.

Dream Big by Chris Labrooy

The artwork bridges the gap between computer animation and physical reality in an impressive way. Standing 11 feet tall above the beach, it includes a real-life Porsche 911 Carrera.

Chris Labrooy

The Art of Dreams by Porsche