With incarcerated rap superstar B.G.’s penal complex begin reportedly looming, Gucci Mane is calling to gift him with a $1 million report deal upon his return to the streets. The Atlanta rapper extended his congratulations to the New Orleans rapper on social media following the most modern update in his quest for freedom. The artist and entrepreneur also voiced his desire to invent him the most up-to-date signee on his 1017 roster.

“My 1017 family aid me welcome home the residing memoir @new_bghollyhood! Pleased u home bruh!” Guwop wrote. “Got so very like and respect for u as a individual and artist! Bag at me, I got a milli for you! Wanna signal u to 1017!!! #1017Mafia.”

B.G., who is for the time being serving a 14-yr penal complex sentence, is rumored to be coming home as soon as in a “few weeks,” in step with Birdman. The 42-yr-mature has been in penal complex since 2009, when he used to be arrested following a traffic pause in New Orleans. Authorities chanced on three firearms, two of which were stolen, within the automobile B.G. used to be running. The rapper within the crash plead guilty to gun possession and witness tampering.

Earlier this yr, the rapper’s most modern motion for a compassionate begin used to be denied, marking the third instance in which his build a question to used to be unsuccessful. U.S. District Come to a resolution Susie Morgan ruled that she “did no longer earn any misguided neglect that affected the consequence” of B.G.’s motion for a compassionate begin, which he cited used to be attributable to smartly being dangers associated to the COVID-19 pandemic.

Dave Kotinsky/BET/Getty Photos for BET Networks; Bryan Bedder/Getty Photos

Birdman, B.G.’s worn CEO at Cash Cash, wrote an announcement to the advance to a resolution on his behalf, noting the obvious impact he could well beget on the young males of on the present time. “He isn’t any longer wonderful a generational artist, nonetheless he’s got a platform and the possibility to share his expertise to higher on the present time’s young males who have to hear what he’s got to negate, the mogul wrote. When he is released, I do know he’ll give relief and utilize what he’s long passed via to aid as many other folks as most likely.”

One in all the famous solo artists to ink a report address Cash Cash Records, B.G. released several albums throughout his tenure with the ticket. Gaining repute with the pivotal releases Chopper Metropolis, It’s All on U, Vol. 1, It’s All on U, Vol. 2, and Chopper Metropolis within the Ghetto, he helped build the ticket on the national plot via his solo work and his contributions to the supergroup, the Scorching Boyz. B.G. is excellent known for his 1999 single “Bling Bling,” which peaked at No. 36 on the Billboard Scorching 100. The term used to be added to the Oxford English Dictionary in 2003.