When neatly configured, equalizers construct for a superior listening journey in your Android phone. Some units exact don’t sound determined or loud adequate on default settings. By changing your Android phone’s equalizer settings, that you must maybe maybe maybe tweak the lows, mids, or highs independently except your tune or movies sound exact splendid. There are quite a pair of junk apps available, despite the reality that. Many EQ apps are general graphic equalizers with sliders that give granular take an eye fixed on or a easy space of bass and treble knobs. You furthermore could can filter the audio with quickly presets, but these could maybe also be lacking. 

The manner the audio structure is space up on Android, the OS would now not safe global encourage for equalizer settings and effects (by Esper). Third-occasion equalizer apps infrequently work persistently in the end of diversified audio gamers. Some custom Android skins safe constructed-in map-extensive equalizer controls, but even these have to now not guaranteed to work with every app and hardware configuration.

There are hundreds of media player apps with native EQ controls, but now not all of them are vast. There are EQ apps that claim to work map-extensive, but are of blended quality because of of the aforementioned Android audio framework barriers. There are even apps that can import EQ profiles designed for particular fashions of headphones, customizing the sound quality in accordance to the hardware that you must maybe maybe maybe also very neatly be utilizing, on the opposite hand it’s going to even be complex to exclaim which of them encourage most units and the plan they construct. We explored every diversity of these third-occasion apps to convey you the 5 only equalizer apps designed for Android.


First up on the checklist is Wavelet. Wavelet is a free/paid app that helps you to optimize your settings for your earbuds or headphones. The app helps over 3,300 headphone fashions, which comprises many headphones which could maybe be worth attempting to search out. You furthermore could can receive your particular headphones from the checklist and Wavelet will auto-clutch the one EQ settings for them. The autoEQ delivers sound tuned to the Harman purpose curve — reported to improve sound on headphones (by XDADevelopers).

In case that you must maybe maybe maybe now not safe your headphones within the Wavelet database, that you must maybe maybe maybe import a custom autoEQ profile. The app also helps you to manually magnificent-tune the settings with a 9-band graphic slider. The processing is map-extensive and neatly suited with most media gamers including YouTube Music, Spotify, Samsung Music, Deezer, and more. Then again, YouTube, SoundCloud, Tidal, and Amazon Music have to now not currently supported (by GitHub).

The app wishes to be activated on every occasion you open the audio player of your different. Wavelet has an experimental enhanced session detection feature that can apply EQ settings robotically, on the opposite hand it does require some snarl line tinkering. It aspects toggles for things love channel stability and limiter (to filter harsh volume spikes) with out cost. Stepped forward aspects love reverb, bass tuner, and bass booster are readily available within the elephantine version for $5.49 (by Google Play). Wavelet works on most Android units, but whenever you don’t leer any toggles or aspects after installing the app, strive tapping the three-dot menu and deciding on Legacy Mode.

Flat Equalizer

Flat Equalizer is a free, splendid, open-provide, and map-extensive equalizer (by GitHub). It be now not as feature-prosperous as Wavelet because of it lacks headphone-particular tweaks, but as soon as configured and toggled, it works in the end of most apps (including YouTube and Netflix).

Flat Equalizer could maybe also be enabled with a single toggle and has a 10-band slider take an eye fixed on to construct magnificent adjustments (by Google Play). You furthermore could can receive from a diversity of presets or load custom profiles. There is a legacy mode for compatibility components and a global mix toggle that forces the EQ effects to choose on over the Android defaults.

In case you’d love to safe an extra kick out of the phone audio system, that you must maybe maybe maybe enhance the volume previous the default with the loudness dial. Bass enhance helps you to push the lows, and with the virtualizer dial toggled, that you must maybe maybe maybe create a surround journey. You furthermore could safe a reverb toggle to simulate a condo of your different — from a small room to a truly perfect hall.

The subject matter UI is orderly and intuitive and it even has a sad theme. The free version is ad-supported, but that you must maybe maybe maybe upgrade to top class with a one-time price of $19.99 or $0.99 month-to-month.


Sharaf Maksumov/Shutterstock

Poweramp is an dilapidated fan accepted. Designed for audiophiles, Poweramp is a tune player with excessive-res audio encourage (by Google Play). Rather than being chock elephantine of to hand aspects, it also gives developed EQ encourage. Most EQ apps are bundled with a graphic equalizer of as a lot as 10 bands, but with Poweramp, you safe two equalizers — a graphical EQ that has as a lot as 32 bands (total with presets) and a parametric EQ which is configured manually. The safe gives you finer, more granular take an eye fixed on over the audio frequencies and volumes (by Poweramp).

Poweramp also has dials for quickly and independently adjusting the bass and treble volumes and you safe controls for stereo virtualization, stability, tempo, and reverb. State Volume Regulate (DVC) cuts by the Android audio API for an even bigger dynamic fluctuate. You furthermore could can import custom presets for particular audio units.

The player can course of practically every audio file form beneath the solar (including FLAC and older codecs). The UI helps a pair of skins, topics, and visualizers, even from third parties. It auto-downloads lacking album art for your tracks and auto-kinds them in a dynamic library. Plus, whenever you employ the dash feature in general, Poweramp has a particular customizable randomizer (by Poweramp). The app is a paid uncommon, but that you must maybe maybe maybe download a trial version from the Google Play Store sooner than you tumble $6.99 on it.

RE Equalizer FX

In case that you must maybe maybe maybe also very neatly be attempting to search out a no-nonsense pro app that gives you total take an eye fixed on over your EQ settings and effects, that you must maybe maybe maybe now not drag depraved with RE Equalizer FX by WiseSchematics. RE Equalizer FX has a particular panorama interface for more convenient safe entry to to its 10-band equalizer. The audio engine right by the app filters out distortions and artifacts. You furthermore could can flip on the FX tab to tweak surround effects, deepen bass, and alter channel stability. You furthermore could can even clutch from 20 preset filters and create 10 custom profiles.

RE Equalizer FX helps you to show screen the audio signal in real time. The feature reveals a waveform visualizing every filter and tweak in motion. Plus, you safe hundreds more buttons and dials to magnificent-tune and shape the equalizer profile (by Google Play).

RE Equalizer works with most apps by detecting media playbacks. You furthermore could can “lock” it to a single app so audio output from other apps also can now not be affected. For apps that don’t join to RE Equalizer FX when their media session begins, there could be also a global output mode that that you must maybe maybe maybe use to use the EQ filters map-extensive. It be now not as trusty as the dedicated connections for every app, on the opposite hand it works in the end of the board for media gamers, video streaming apps, and video games.

RE Equalizer FX emulates the safe and workflow of studio equalizers. It be incredibly gentle-weight and would now not safe classified ads or cast off any details (by Google Play). The app is readily available on the Play Store for $3.75.


Lastly, we are going to decide a temporary gaze at Neutralizer. Now not like the dilapidated equalizer apps on this checklist, Neutralizer takes a more personalized technique to EQ. In conserving with the developer, all and sundry listens to tune differently in accordance to their tastes and listening to, so equalizer adjustments have to serene assume that (by Google Play). With Neutralizer, that you must maybe maybe maybe create custom EQ profiles tailored for your ears and hardware.

While you install the free app, that you must maybe maybe maybe also very neatly be requested to create a profile for a particular output. It works with on-tool audio system and Android Auto, but you’ll most likely be in a position to safe the one outcomes with headphones or earbuds. To create a profile, that you must maybe maybe maybe alter 10 separate frequencies.

Enjoy definite that you must maybe maybe maybe also very neatly be in a quiet room and nothing is taking half in within the background. At any time whenever you clutch a frequency (both by tapping the graph or the buttons), you’ll most likely be in a position to hear a tone. Adjust the volume dial except that you must maybe maybe maybe barely hear it (or surely now not). Then, switch on to the next frequency and repeat. Keep and establish the profile when carried out.

It works with most media gamers when manually enabled, on the opposite hand it be now not neatly suited with all apps or Android telephones. You furthermore could can create a pair of profiles for diversified audio output units and users, on the opposite hand, the free version is restricted to one profile. Unlocking the highest class version of Neutralizer charges $3.99.