First Balenciaga’s child sex sublime, now model retailer Simons, glamorizing assisted suicide to promote frocks and trousers

Simons is a predominant Canadian model and house decor retailer. A month ago, it released this three-minute film aestheticizing the planned assisted suicide of Jennyfer, a sick Canadian girl (who has since killed herself). Whenever you salvage not are attempting to acquire a study the entire film, this clip going around on Twitter will provide you with a right view of what or not it is about:

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Here’s a short video interview with Peter Simons, the CEO, who said the short film discloses the coronary heart of the company’s values, and was once made to support salvage “human connection” and wait on individuals to be appropriate, and to “relief salvage the communities we are attempting to dwell in the next day, and leave to our childhood.” He calls Jennyfer’s account one that can inspire “hope, optimism [and] generosity.” He praises himself for his “courage” (“I declare that with humility”) for inserting his company in the succor of this message. “Our hearts are in the upright location,” he assures individuals. My Lord. This man stepped upright out of the pages of a Walker Percy fresh.

Here’s so inferior. They’re making a sick girl’s resolution to total her lifestyles into an event of elegance, and created a short film glorifying suicide … for the sake of promoting model and house decor! And that’s the in actuality creepy section about it: that they are the utilization of a glamorized suicide to wait on individuals to declare sympathetically of their imprint, so they’re going to retract clothes and furnishings there. (Instruct their non-public praises: an advert esteem this doesn’t decide to directly market the product; a Eastern luxurious automobile imprint in the early 2000s, I declare it was once, pioneered this more or much less promoting, designed to accomplice a definite pleasing vibe around a product or company.)

First Balenciaga, which its child sex sublime, and now Simons, promoting frocks and trousers by promoting suicide. Here’s beyond Tiresome Roman Empire stuff. A convention that glorifies loss of life esteem this has misplaced its collective will to dwell. And it’ll not.