Blockchain analytical agency Arkham Intelligence revealed that Alameda Examine withdrew $204 million from FTX US earlier than its collapse.

Between November 6 and when the crypto commerce collapsed, the pause three entities that withdrew essentially the most funds from its US subsidiary had been Alameda, FTX exploiter with $49 million and Amber Crew with $40 million.

Arkham analysed flows from FTX US within the ultimate few days earlier than the collapse, discovering that Alameda withdrew essentially the most funds, at $204M.

Below is a draw of withdrawals to Arkham-known entities from FTX US.

n.b. this thread regards FTX US sources only, now not FTX International.

— Arkham | Crypto Intelligence (@ArkhamIntel) November 25, 2022

Alameda Acted as a Bridge Between FTX Int’l and US Subsidiary
Arkham known eight addresses linked to Alameda Examine that withdrew $204 million in slightly just a few crypto sources. Of the volume, $142.4 million of the sources had been sent to FTX global wallets.

Arkham said Alameda was most likely serving as a bridge between FTX US and FTX International. The three corporations are owned by Sam Bankman-Fried and they’re presently field to intense regulatory scrutiny.

Over 50% of Alameda Withdrawals Were in Stablecoin
The Twitter thread revealed that Alameda mostly withdrew stablecoins pegged to the USD, Ethereum, and Wrapped Bitcoin.

In step with the thread, 57.1% ($116 million) of the withdrawn funds had been in USD stablecoins. The stablecoins had been in USDT, BUSD, TUSD, and USDC. Many of the funds went to FTX, whereas $10.4 million was sent to rival commerce Binance.

Alameda Withdrawal From FTX (Provide: Arkham Intelligence)
Also, Arkham said $38.06 million (18.7%)withdrawn by Alameda was in wrapped Bitcoin (wBTC). The withdrawn wBTC had been sent to Alameda’s wBTC merchant wallet from where they had been bridged into the BTC network.

Within the meantime, $49.39 million (24.2%) of the withdrawn funds had been in ETH. $35.52 million was sent to FTX whereas the final $13.87M went to a trading contend with 0xa20.

That is 0xa205fD7344656c72FDC645b72fAF5a3DE0B3E825

A mountainous wallet that is terribly active in OTC trading, and unexcited making token transfers even nowadays.

Or now not it is unknown whether the nearly 14M in ETH was sent to 0xa20 as segment of an commerce, or as an internal fund switch internal Alameda.

— Arkham | Crypto Intelligence (@ArkhamIntel) November 25, 2022

Apparently, the contend with is unexcited active. But the data aggregator could presumably maybe now not resolve whether the switch was an internal switch or segment of a commerce.

FTX Can Pay Well-known Distributors up to $8.5M
In a separate pattern, FTX’s first financial extinguish appearance seen the court grant all its motions for relief, at the side of paying some distinguished distributors.

In step with the Nov. 23 court filing, the bankrupt commerce would maybe be allowed to pay its valuable distributors up to $8.5 million, whereas international distributors will also be paid up to $1 million.

Within the meantime, CEO John Ray III said the commerce is presently all for recovery efforts to secure maximal attach for collectors.

Its financial extinguish filing revealed a balance of $1.24 billion which is a much direct from the $3.1 billion liabilities it owed its 50 ultimate collectors.

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