The iPhone 14 Pro and Pro Max at the second display a darkened background image in standby mode with AOD running. (Image source: Apple)Apple bought masses of criticism for the way it integrated always-on display functionality for the iPhone 14 Pro and iPhone 14 Pro Max. While the mode was almost indistinguishable from iOS 16’s active lock veil, it seems that this may change with iOS 16.2, a preview of which Apple already presents in Beta 3.

Always-on display (AOD) functionality has been available on Android smartphones for years at this level, with even the long retired House windows Phone platform supporting the feature too. On the opposite hand, it has taken till the iPhone 14 Pro and iPhone 14 Pro Max to give comparable functionality, with Apple picking to display all the lock veil and a darkened model of the active background image, rather than accurate the time, date and a few widgets or notifications.

Theoretically, the displays in Apple’s latest flagship iPhones, which can lower refresh rates to 1 Hz, are environment friendly satisfactory to make utilize of this quasi-AOD. The ride of many iPhone 14 Pro sequence owners conflicts with this though, with the likes of Tom’s Information remarking that the utilize of AOD on the iPhone 14 Pro costs up to 50% of battery lifestyles per day. Thankfully, it seems that Apple may already be finalising a more conventional AOD option, which may roll out in iOS 16.2.

As the embedded video beneath shows, the latest iOS 16.2 beta allows individuals to disable their wallpaper in AOD mode and whether they give the affect of being notifications. By disabling both choices, you can get the iPhone 14 Pro or iPhone 14 Pro Max to entirely display the time, date and a few widgets in standby mode, which may quiet toughen runtimes with AOD active. Currently, Apple is anticipated to finalise iOS 16.2 in December. It’s value noting that no longer all beta features make it into stable iOS releases. Hence, there may be no such thing as a guarantee that improved AOD functionality will ship in iOS 16.2, regardless of its appearance right here in iOS 16.2 Beta 3.

iPhone 14 Pro Always On Display now has a few settings in iOS 16.2 Beta 3

You can disable your wallpaper and/or notifications for a more classic Always On scrutinize ????

— Ben Geskin (@BenGeskin) November 16, 2022
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