After 10 lengthy years of loving Android, I’ve caved.

After months of going to and fro I went to my local Verizon store and ordered an iPhone 14 Pro. It would possibly also sound treasure I’m being overly dramatic, but the switch signaled a gargantuan shift for me.

I’ve in any admire times prided myself on no longer procuring into the Apple hype. Despite years of pestering from friends to switch to an iPhone, I pushed relief, asserting that I liked being assorted from the plenty. Each person around me has an iPhone. It felt appropriate to defy the norm. And so for years, I caught with my Samsung Galaxy devices, which I collected boom are amazing phones. 

Nonetheless after conversations with friends and family about what I would possibly also secure from the iPhone that I would possibly also never secure with my Android, I started to think again my stance. Optimistic, I loved my Galaxy S10 Plus and all the pieces it supplied: a top-notch digicam, a customizable interface and Object Eraser, which eliminates any unwanted other folks or objects out of your photos (Pixel has a equivalent procedure). Nonetheless at the discontinuance of the day, there became once one gargantuan factor my Android would possibly also never offer: a seamless plan to talk with all my friends on the iPhone.

I’ve been told limitless times that I fracture neighborhood chats by turning the total texts “inexperienced.” Here is on yarn of Apple refuses to create iMessage effectively matched with Android phones, so for these that message any individual who isn’t any longer on iOS, you will watch inexperienced textual allege bubbles as an alternate of the fashioned blue ones. As a consequence of this felt treasure a superficial complaint — and is 100% Apple’s fault — I brushed it aside.

Unless I observed I became once lacking out on other, extra significant benefits of owning an iPhone. 

Except you exercise a third-party app treasure WhatsApp, there’s no straightforward plan to ship high-choice photos and movies straight between an Android cellular phone and an iPhone. I became once OK with factual the exercise of WhatsApp… till I started to envy my friends who were instantaneously AirDropping photos and movies after our hangouts. WhatsApp additionally diminishes the quality of movies, and Google Power takes plenty longer to add movies to.

It additionally became once worrying that apps treasure TikTok diminished my digicam quality on Android. Evaluating TikTok movies taken on an iPhone — even an older model treasure the iPhone X — with these taken on my Galaxy S10 Plus is treasure evening and day. On my Galaxy, TikTok distorted the colors and blurred all the pieces in presumably the most unflattering and unrealistic plan. On the iPhone, movies are crisp and obvious and appear factual as they would possibly also collected. For any individual who makes exercise of TikTok as a lot as I discontinuance, this became once vital.

These reasons, along with the actual fact that I already exercise a MacBook and would subsequently secure pleasure in the Apple ecosystem, led me to start altering my mind about owning an iPhone. Throw in factors treasure the fresh in any admire times-on show on the iPhone 14 Pro items — something I completely loved on my Galaxy devices — and fun fresh factors treasure Dynamic Island, and with out note I became once supplied on the belief of switching over.

Clearly, I had to fight off emotions of being a sellout. Nonetheless I observed that in the end, it is factual a cellular phone. And it is no longer relevant what you discontinuance, other folks will possess unsolicited opinions about what instrument which that you steadily is the exercise of. My Galaxy worked effectively for me for heaps of years. Now I became once ready for something fresh. And to date, I abolish no longer possess any regrets.

Take a look at out the video above for added of my tips on switching from an Android cellular phone to an iPhone.

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