Google has introduced 64-bit app support to Pebble smartwatches paired to Android smartphones. (Image supply: Pebble)Google has given a novel lease of existence to Pebble smartwatches. With an app update to support 64-bit versions of Android, Pebble smartwatch now support gadgets that lack 32-bit support, which is currently easiest the Pixel 7 and Pixel 7 Official.

Google has introduced greater compatibility for the getting older Pebble smartwatch series. Now owned by Google due to the its Fitbit acquisition, Pebble began on Kickstarter in 2013, the achieve it became the first commercially winning smartwatch. Subsequently, the company launched the Pebble Time and Time Steel but failed to bring the Pebble 2 to market. As a substitute, the company filed for monetary trouble in December 2016 and sold its remaining property to Fitbit.

With servers shut down in July 2018, community initiatives maintain saved the remaining Pebble smartwatches going. Surprisingly, Google has enabled 64-bit support for the Pebble app, which is accessible to acquire as v4.4.3. While that will appear to be a trivial update for doubtlessly the most section, it future-proofs the app as Google pivots in direction of making Android a 64-bit easiest OS. As an example, the Pixel 7 and Pixel 7 Official are the first smartphones to ship with out 32-bit support, which is moreover rumoured to be the case with next year’s Pixel Pill.

It is a long way price noting that you just will easiest acquire the novel APK by skill of and no longer by skill of the Google Play Retailer. Arguably extra surprising is the remaining Pebble person unhealthy. Basically based on the screenshot below, over 16,000 folks proceed to make disclose of a Pebble smartwatch. Doubtlessly, this person unhealthy would per chance well be even larger were it more uncomplicated to set up the Pebble app on iOS gadgets. More runt print about pointers on how to make disclose of an aged Pebble smartwatch will also be realized will also be realized on

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Alex Alderson, 2022-11- 4 (Update: 2022-11- 4)