All of us know that American EV maker Tesla kickstarted the switch in direction of an all-electric revolution that is slowly unraveling earlier than our eyes. It started with the Tesla Roadster, a Lotus Elise-essentially based battery-electric sports automobile that goes from zero to 60 mph in below 4 seconds, provides 245 miles of vary, has a 125 mph top tempo, and had cost round $109,000 (per Britannica).

Unbeknownst to many, Dodge and the Chrysler Group had a Lotus-essentially based EV map that made the stands on the 2009 Detroit Auto Dispute. It became known as the Dodge Circuit EV (or Dodge EV map) and shared the same chassis because the first-gen Tesla Roadster. Serve in the day, Chrysler established the ENVI (a mishmash of the phrases “Environment” and “New Autos”) division to glean “no-compromise electric vehicles.”

The map became to beget 500,000 EVs on American roads by 2013, beginning with the debut of a brand fresh EV in 2010 and three more in 2013. ENVI engineers started engaged on an all-electric City & Country minivan and a Jeep Patriot EV. Meanwhile, the tempo freak engineers at Dodge went to Lotus and started conceptualizing the Circuit EV, an early-mannequin electric automobile that could well well beget given the Tesla Roadster some superb opponents.

Dodge Circuit EV: Electrical little one Viper

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Beneath the Dodge Circuit EV’s Viper-esque physique vogue is the architecture of a Lotus Europa S, a slightly greater and mounted-roof variant of the Lotus Elise. With that in solutions, or no longer it is no longer rotten to name it a Tesla Roadster with a Dodge badge. Since both EVs came approximately on the same timeframe, could well well you imagine what could well well had been if Chrysler gave the fairway light for the production of Dodge’s electric sports automobile?

We list the styling because the terminate result of a wild night of partying between a Dodge Viper and a Lotus Europa, however or no longer it is more than factual stare candy. Dodge eradicated the Europa’s GM-sourced 2.0-liter inline four-cylinder engine and six-tempo e book gearbox to shoehorn a DC permanent magnet electric motor, an 8.3:1 planetary slash worth gearset, and a 10-module 35 kWh lithium-ion battery pack (per MotorTrend).


Packing a healthy 268 horsepower and 295 lb-toes of torque, Dodge claims zero to 60 mph in below 5 seconds and a quarter-mile roam in about 13 seconds. Moreover, the Circuit EV’s lithium-ion batteries carry 150 to 200 miles of vary. However on the opposite hand, DC fast charging became no longer yet a thing, so the batteries mandatory wherever from 90 minutes to 12 hours of replenishment (per Automotive and Driver).

It will likely be an EV, however the Dodge EV Belief had analog face gauges, a top rate audio machine, a leather-wrapped cabin, air conditioning, energy windows, and a as a lot as the moment (on the time) digital indicate. In 2009, Fiat sold Chrysler, and the ENVI division went in the dumpster alongside with the Circuit EV map. Chrysler’s now playing eradicate-up with its Airflow EV Belief, however it would beget gotten a huge lead over legacy automakers with the Dodge Circuit EV, idea to be a few of the nice EVs we desire made it to commercial production.