The broad picture: Over a one year after its originate, Home windows 11 remains to be nowhere approach setting up dominance over Home windows 10 among PC customers. Varied surveys boom differing adoption rates for Home windows 11, nonetheless all of them advise most customers have not upgraded from 10.

The latest file from Statcounter presentations that fewer than one in six desktop PCs worldwide utilize Home windows 11. Home windows 10 stays on nearly three-quarters of PCs over a one year after its successor launched.

Home windows 11 reached 15.44-percent penetration in the October 2022 file, growing moderately below two percent since September. Home windows 10 utilize fell by now not as much as one percent in the the same timeframe. Home windows 7, which Microsoft now now not supports, restful runs on 9.62 percent of desktops, whereas Home windows 8 and eight.1 blended retain a 3.14-percent market share. Simplest 0.39 percent of PCS own the 2-decades-dilapidated Home windows XP set aside in.

Home windows stats from diverse unusual surveys set aside Home windows 10 in a equally dominant role nonetheless vary extra widely on Home windows 11’s adoption. The discrepancy is seemingly because of differing methodologies.

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The October 2022 Steam survey presentations Home windows 11 on just below a quarter of computers (including Mac and Linux methods). No longer great, nonetheless extra optimistic than Statcounter’s file. Steam presentations Home windows 10 at 68.91-percent penetration to Statcounter’s 71.29 percent.

Steam’s methodology uses a survey of its 30 million concurrent customers, even supposing now not all participated in the prognosis. Statcounter basically based fully its reviews on spherical five billion page views on 1.5 million web sites.

AdDuplex, at brand completely has stats thru June, nonetheless they paint a picture same to Steam. In step with metrics from 5,000 Home windows Store apps, the group’s chart presentations Home windows 11 on 23.1 percent of PCs. One other AdDuplex chart presentations Home windows 11 adoption flattening a ways sooner than any Home windows 10 model.

Primarily the most pessimistic Home windows 11 numbers this drop up to now attain from Lansweeper. Out of 30 million workstations, the group reviews that the unusual operating device is on just 2.61 percent — restful below Home windows 7’s 3.38 percent.

The leading cause dull Home windows 11’s sluggish adoption is seemingly its excessive CPU requirement. Simplest methods with at least an Intel 8th gen or AMD Zen 2 processor can automatically upgrade to it, and Landsweper claims nearly half of gadgets fail to satisfy that bar.