Schenker Vision 14Thanks to its Core i7-12700H CPU and GeForce RTX 3050 Ti GPU, the Schenker Vision 14 presents a lot of performance in a compact 14-inch chassis – without the spacious battery, the burden decreases from 1.3 (~2.87 lbs) to accurate above 1.1 kg (~2.43 lbs). In this case, the Vision 14 is practically unrivaled.

Andreas Osthoff (translated by Marius Schell), Revealed 11/01/2022 🇩🇪

With the extraordinarily light-weight Vision 14, Schenker has had a contemporary and capable 14-inch ultrabook on provide since last year, however the Tiger Lake quad-core processor was somewhat limiting the potential of the system. Additionally, the beautiful 3K panel (16: 10, matte) draws a lot of vitality, which combined with the small 53-Wh battery resulted in miserable battery existence. In early 2022, a mannequin with the dedicated GeForce RTX 3050 Ti GPU was released to significantly boost the graphics performance.

With the latest Vision 14, Schenker has upgraded the instrument once again and widely with a massive 99-Wh battery now being an possibility. Although this increases the total weight just a minute and required a case that is thicker by about 1 mm (~0.04 in), the runtimes are virtually twice as long. With the new Core i7-12700H from Intel’s latest Alder Lake-H generation, the CPU performance has also been upgraded significantly. It runs at 40-60 watts and presents an incredible boost to the processing capabilities, whereas simultaneously being the most interesting Intel possibility for this TDP range. Thanks to liquid metal cooling and the 2 integrated fans, the emissions also remain reasonably low and although the Vision 14 can hasten very loud and hot whereas gaming, it does at least manage the heat in some way. In return, right here is a compact laptop with an indecent stage of performance and a very low weight of accurate 1.3 kg (~2.87 lbs) or 1.1 kg (~2.43 lbs), in the event you enact no longer want the bigger battery.

The Vision 14 is a successfully balanced system overall that sets itself apart thru its accurate gain quality, accurate connectivity including a fullsize card reader and accurate input gadgets. We would be remiss to no longer point out the accurate maintenance strategies, since it is rare to find gadgets with upgradeable RAM slots in this instrument class. There are drawbacks in the make of a hinge that does no longer always forestall teetering when adjusting the angle and fairly miserable speakers. Additionally, the antenna setup of the Vision 14 does no longer support contemporary 6-GHz Wi-Fi networks (Wi-Fi 6E).

Since the advantages far outweigh the disadvantages, then again, the Vision 14 ought to level-headed be taken into consideration when shopping for a compact, excessive-performance laptop. As per usual, extra information about the laptop including the benchmarks and measurements can be came upon in our in-depth overview. Moreover, we are also enraged for the no longer too long ago announced Vision 16 Professional, which transfers the Vision 14 idea to the larger 16-inch make factor.

Schenker Vision 14 in overview (Core i7-12700H, GeForce RTX 3050 Ti, 3K IPS)

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