SWALLOW is a brand contemporary digital platform that’s taking a gape to onboard tattoo artists and followers into the metaverse.
The Enjinstarter-backed platform went live with over 25 companions and 100+ tattoo artists.

SWALLOW, the Web3 platform backed by blockchain-basically based totally mostly gaming and entertainment launchpad Enjinstarter, has officially launched.

Per an announcement the SWALLOW crew shared, the mission seeks to bring the tattoo community, from top tattoo artists to their followers and lovers, to the metaverse.

The contemporary platform will salvage it simple for tattoo artists to leverage Web3 technology to grow their world reach, with lovers getting the simplest of the tattoo world for their avatars and skins.

SWALLOW objectives to bring the actual-world tattoo community to Web3
With this starting up, metaverse-goers and the broader blockchain gaming community cling a platform where they can signify themselves by procedure of tattoos and skins accessed from main artists across the inform.

The tattoo artists commercial will also elevate pleasure in this by getting an avenue to salvage bigger their reach beyond their physical studios, with digital sources, Web3 and NFTs making it doubtless to make extra visibility by scalable, slicing-edge technology.

Aside from becoming a hub for all the things tattoos in the metaverse, SWALLOW also opens up the actual-world tattoo community to the financial advantages of the contemporary digital frontier.

According to an announcement from SWALLOW, bigger than 100 tattoo artists are already signed as section of the community, including Aaron Dellla Vedova whose customers consist of podcaster Joe Rogan. Others are Instagram star erek Turcotte and Temperamental Clothing founder Ryan Smith.

SWALLOW has also partnered with bigger than 25 companies in the arts, entertainment and gaming sectors. These consist of Heavy Metal Journal, Another1, and Polygon-basically based totally mostly platform Bloktopia.

According to the SWALLOW roadmap, future trends involves the starting up of SWALLOWnet Market, staking rewards, and Genesis NFT mint. There’s also a SWOL  preliminary DEX offering (IDO) and SWOL staking deliberate for Q1, 2023.

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