I lately determined that I was going to establish out the precise way to play customized Beat Saber tracks on my Meta Quest 2, no matter what it took. Thankfully, the free program I stopped up utilizing, called SideQuest, most attention-grabbing took an hour or two of tinkering to win working, making it the most attention-grabbing weekend project. Even higher, SideQuest is functional for thus far more than suitable editing Beat Saber — it allows you to sideload neighborhood-made games and experiences and even change the Quest residence environment that acts as the backdrop to the system menus and app picker.

If that sounds enchanting, read on: we’re about to pass over the precise way to install SideQuest and utilize it to win software onto your headset.

Installing SideQuest

The very first thing you have to finish is install SideQuest on your computer. To start up, lunge to the acquire pages and use whether or now now not to download the Easy or Advanced installer.

After I was setting it up, I went with the Advanced model because I mistakenly understanding I wanted to install a manually downloaded APK app file to change Beat Saber, and the Easy model doesn’t offer that feature. I’d indicate going with the Easy model except you’ll want to install app information or whilst you’ll want to install games from a PC (we’ll lunge over those steps later on).

But each variations will walk you thru the strategy of installing SideQuest onto your Quest. Whenever you’re heavenly with suitable managing your library on your headset, the Easy model is the most attention-grabbing way to win to that point.

After downloading and installing it, open the SideQuest app. Both variations consist of setup instructions for installing SideQuest onto your headset, and those instructions may be more as much as date if the process changes. On the alternative hand, what follows are the steps I took.

Accept area up as a developer

Using SideQuest requires having your Quest working in developer mode. To start, you’ll have to register as a developer with Meta.

  • Disappear to developer.oculus.com/signal-up/, read the instructions, then click on the Label Up button.
  • Log into the Facebook, Meta, or Oculus account that you utilize with your headset.
  • From there, create an organization, which you can name whatever you adore.

Within the next accelerate, you may place your Quest into developer mode.

  • The easiest way is by going to the Quest app on your cellular telephone, tapping Menu, and then going to Devices.
  • Take your Quest, then scroll to Headset Settings.
  • Tap Developer Settings, then utilize the toggle to reveal developer mode on.

At this point, you can connect your Quest to your computer with a USB cable and energy it up (if it’s now now not on already). You’ll must pop it on for a second to substantiate two prompts; one asks whilst you want to allow USB debugging, and the various asks whilst you want to allow data transfer. Hit Allow for each.

Installing SideQuest on your Quest

After allowing debugging, you have to be able to install apps from the SideQuest computer client, equipped you’re utilizing the Advanced model. On the alternative hand, whilst you want to be able to install them at once from your headset, you can install a model of SideQuest at once to the headset.

Screenshot of the SideQuest setup UI, with an Install SideQuest button.

SideQuest reveals you the steps for getting your account and headset ready to install the app. Both the Easy and Advanced variations (the screenshot is of the worn) will also scream you any steps you’ve missed.

The SideQuest client must calm advised you about installing the headset model after you’ve obtained your developer account area up and debugging enabled. (If it doesn’t, it’ll let what else you have to finish in explain to win your Quest ready.) Click on on the Install button, and it is going to calm load the app on your headset.

It’s value noting that you’ll have to have to link a SideQuest account to utilize the headset model of the app. You can area up an account right here and practice the instructions whilst you happen to launch SideQuest on your Quest to link it.

Now, you’re ready to install apps, both from your computer or from the headset itself.

Using SideQuest to install apps

SideQuest’s game store compiles titles from several sources, including from Oculus’ App Lab and Itch.io. There are also apps you can download and install to your Quest straight from the SideQuest UI.

Screenshot showing the SideQuest interface, with a banner at the bottom saying that it’s downloading an APK to install onto the Quest headset.

Sideloaded apps are fairly distinguished a one-click on install.

Installing a sideloaded app from the PC app is easy: suitable make certain your headset is connected, then click on the Download app (sideload) button. SideQuest will download it and install it onto the headset.

Whenever you want to search out and download apps from the Oculus App Lab, it’s easiest to finish that utilizing the SideQuest app on your headset.

  • To acquire it, lunge to the App Library, and ogle for the dropdown in the halt apt corner (it’ll seemingly say All).
  • Take it, and use Unknown Sources, which is the place SideQuest and diverse sideloaded apps will probably be. Games installed from App Lab, on the alternative hand, will explain up on the main tab.

Gif showing the process of getting to the Unknown Sources section of the Quest’s App Library.

SideQuest and sideloaded apps obtained’t necessarily explain up on the main menu.

  • To install an App Lab game, tap the Download app (Oculus) button. It’ll open the Quest Retailer to the game’s page, and you can install it adore a normal app.

You can also install sideloaded apps straight from your headset, although the first time you finish, you’ll seemingly have to present SideQuest permission to install apps.

Have fun

Now that you’ve obtained SideQuest installed and can utilize it to load diverse games and software onto your Quest, it’s value sorting out a few of the handiest titles that are now available to you.

As for what I did to win customized Beat Saber songs, it’s a relatively complex process that may involve downgrading the model of the game installed on your headset. I indicate following the information on the Beat Saber Modding Neighborhood Wiki — it is going to calm quilt the various scenarios you may bustle into and will maybe be as much as date.

One final display: whereas SideQuest unlocks a lot of chances, you are calm somewhat restricted by the Quest’s OS and hardware. Whenever you want to utilize your headset to play PC games (adore Half-Existence: Alyx, which is the main reason I purchased a Quest in the first place), you can practice our information to wirelessly connecting your computer to your Quest. Or, take a look at our video highlighting some icy Quest features and accessories below.