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We’ve been followers of Boox ereader and tablet units from Onyx for some time now, especially the Boox Nova Air C, one among our picks for supreme ereader. The Air C has a colour LCD layer on top of the murky and white E Ink, but now, the firm is pushing its E Ink even closer to fat-featured tablet territory by together with features we most frequently ask on a tablet equivalent to the iPad 10.9. 

The Onyx Boox Tab Ultra is a 10.3-tear E Ink tablet with a 16MP digicam on the support, a feature we might perchance well presumably never ask paired with an E Ink pronounce. E Ink is terribly slow to refresh, but Onyx has completed gigantic work making the Boox Tab Ultra scurry as rapid as that you just would also think. The tablet features a Qualcomm 8-core processor and a GPU that Onyx says became custom-made for sooner refresh rates on its show mask. 

The 16MP digicam on the Boox Tab Ultra (Image credit ranking: Onyx)The digicam received’t be stale for fashioned photography, we suspect. As a replace, Onyx touts the sensor’s skill to photograph and scan paperwork, which is extra in conserving with the skills. We’re unfamiliar how well the E Ink handles the viewfinder projects with the digicam.

Onyx says the Boox Tab Ultra builds off of the Point to Air 2 Plus spec, and we found the Point to Air 2 to be an horny digital designate-taking instrument. The Boox Tab Ultra will get a stylus, and Onyx wisely sticks with Wacom-vogue EMR skills, a a lot better desire than going with proprietary tech, take care of Apple and Microsoft take. Samsung uses this skills in its S Pen stylus.

The tablet strangely runs Android 11, striking it two generations within the support of the most trendy Android 13 launch. It appears doubtful to ask the kind of particular offering will rep fashioned updates, but confidently Onyx manages to preserve the Tab Ultra exact.

The Boox Tab Ultra will get 4GB of RAM, which can also simply peaceful be plenty to drive apps on the monochrome pronounce, and 128GB of storage. Don’t apprehension about the dearth of house, on story of Onyx happily gives a microSD card slot.

The Boox Tab Ultra will launch on the Boox online store on October 27. The tablet will heed $599.99 within the U.S.. Pricing in our other popular markets is now now not yet readily available.

Onyx Boox Leaf 2 (Image credit ranking: Onyx)In addition to to the Tab Ultra, Onyx is furthermore updating some of its other standard E Ink capsules. The Nova Air 2 updates the Boox Nova Air that we known as “adorable-having a glance, huge-slim and extremely versatile 7.8-tear instrument for digital designate-takers on the scurry.”

The recent instrument has a 7.8-tear E Ink pronounce, 3GB of RAM and 32GB of storage house, plus it helps the Onyx Pen Plus stylus. The Nova Air 2 will heed $399.99 within the US, though we’re peaceful awaiting pricing in other markets.

The Onyx Boox Leaf 2 updates the firm’s extra functional line of ereading units. In place of a stylus, this instrument is for reading and will get updates with page turning buttons. It has a 7-tear pronounce, 2GB of RAM and 32GB of storage, and a microSD card slot. The Leaf 2 sells for $199.99 within the US – all over again, pricing in other markets isn’t readily available factual yet.

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