It appears that there can be a area with the 16-pin connector that powers the Nvidia GeForce RTX 4090. According to a Redditor who owns the card, their GPU actually went up in flames, and parts of it have melted as a consequence.

Is this a more widespread area, and should always calm you retain a fire extinguisher nearby at all times must you possess an RTX 4090?

One of the most first reviews of vitality-related problems with the RTX 4090 is here, and it’s a huge one from the bag-trail. A Redditor, reggie_gakil, posted on the Nvidia subreddit to announce that their Gigabyte GeForce RTX 4090 Gaming OC went up in flames — all on account of the 16-pin vitality connector, they claim.

The RTX 4090 proprietor was playing Pink Dead Redemption 2 when the GPU abruptly caught fire. The card was linked with the official Nvidia cable, but something must have long past immoral, because, ultimately, each the vitality adapter and the vitality connector ended up melting. To advise the claim, the Redditor shared two photos.

The images explain a melted vitality connector on the card’s PCB, as properly as the vitality adapter in a similar state. It appears that the main 12 pins, located below the four extra pins, were the cause here. Nonetheless, it’s hard to speculate at this level. The final consequence is clear, although, because almost the overall adapter has melted. Useless to say, the card is unusable.

Right here’s certainly unfortunate, but as here is the first story we’ve seen, it’s important to take it with a limited little bit of skepticism and no longer assume that this can be a normal area with the RTX 4090. Nonetheless, as famed by Wccftech, the 16-pin adapter cable is terribly thick, and that may (in a roundabout way) be what caused this area within the first place.

Fitting the cable alongside the giant RTX 4090 into a less-than-roomy PC case is rather a challenge. As a consequence, many customers prove having to bend the cable in expose to even shut their case. Unfortunately, this may have a negative possess on the temperatures and may maybe lead to something as bad as what happened to reggie_gakil.

Whereas you’re one among the early adopters of Nvidia’s latest RTX 40-sequence GPUs, make certain you’re constructing your rig inner a spacious PC case so that the GPU can comfortably match. Cable manufacturers are already engaged on 90-stage angled connectors to assist customers with smaller cases match their RTX 4090 with out any risks.

As for the card in ask, the Redditor will have to return it, so we may by no means know what really happened here. Let’s hope that Nvidia or Gigabyte will shed some light on the topic — if there actually is one.

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