In 1932, Gabrielle Chanel created the first high jewelry series in history for the eponymous French fashion home, Bijoux de Diamants: inspired by the allure of the stars and designed to be used freely in a brand-contemporary way. Intriguingly, the year earlier than the series was introduced Chanel had traveled to Los Angeles at the invitation of studio wealthy individual Sam Goldwyn, who believed the famed Parisian couturier may make his stars extra glamorous.

“It’s very interesting,” said Patrice Leguéreau, director of Chanel’s Fine Jewellery Creative Studio, as a lineup of bejeweled Chanel muses, including Phoebe Bridgers, Rain Spencer, Audra Day, and Jenna Coleman arrived for a dinner and viewing of the 1932 Sequence in West Hollywood on Thursday evening. “Maybe a part of her inspiration for 1932 Bijoux de Diamants was Los Angeles. It’s moderately totally different because of the spirit of the place and the weather and freedom right here but there may be also something very conclude to the spirit of 1932 that affords a liberty, circulate and lightness to the jewelry.”

On arrival, associates were treated to gin martinis and Champagne earlier than being transported back in time and space to the series’s creation, and reinvention, with an demonstrate that showcased each the history and the now with 77 spectacular creations reflecting the radiance of the stars and the immensity of the heavens.

For Maggie Rogers, who was sporting the Comète earrings in 18K white gold and diamonds, the series’s beget around three symbols of the cosmos – the comet, the moon, and the solar – resonated on a creative stage. “The cosmos plays a large role in my musical work,” she told Vogue. “I also moral finished Divinity College, where I was studying the cosmos and the stars as a way that we, as a crew, orient our existence and I can’t think of any better comparison. Jewellery is the thing that makes it really feel such as you connect with the cosmos in a way.”

An elegant dinner adopted, held beneath a canopy of floral clouds, twinkling stars, and a crescent moon. Ahead of taking her seat, Chanel N°5 muse Marion Cotillard explained, “For me, jewelry is something that is each beautiful and can make you’re feeling beautiful. When I’m a tiny harassed out and save some jewelry on, I inform myself in the event you gaze at it, be aware to breathe and to come back to your self. It’s a tiny message that when I explore a necklace or a bracelet or a ring that I wear, and that I had save an intention in, to come back to myself.”

The evening concluded with Phoebe Bridgers taking the stage to indicate a final sprinkling of stardust—a performance by the Yeah Yeah Yeahs, who had moral released a contemporary album after nine years. Karen O, opened the situation with the exhortation, “Who loves diamonds right here?” earlier than launching into a performance that prompted cheers and moved a crowd, including Greta Lee, Kaitlyn Dever, and Olivia Lopez, out of their seats to rock out against the celestial backdrop.

“Jewellery moral affords any outfit a kind of elevation and you also really feel assured,” said Whitney Peak, bedecked in the Cométe Couture necklace and ring in 18K white gold and diamonds, of the overwhelming mood. “But I mean, I have my crazy share of jewelry on my neck, so I would say that.”