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Tesla strives to bring a total car skills, providing most companies a driver might maybe maybe maybe also need. Meaning to manufacture a total suite of Tesla-branded instruments, the corporate limits customization of its vehicles’ onboard device, especially ones conducted by drivers, double-further-especially if the specified customization contains apps, instruments, and resources developed by parties open air of Tesla.

As arduous because the Condominium of Musk tries to attach in pressure its obstacles, then again, hacks frequently happen. Beget a machine, no topic how finest, and idiosyncratic nerds will receive a come to constructively futz with it. Several famous hacks, from the innocuous to the deplorable, contain already been imposed upon Teslas. Now not too long ago, coders even labored up a come to meet a widely expressed need of Tesla drivers: they’ve installed Android Auto on Tesla onboard techniques.

The technique requires a Raspberry Pi, some digital legerdemain, and a nonzero amount of menace. Here’s an correct hack — this might maybe maybe maybe also honest require digging deep into a Tesla’s digital guts. Success might maybe maybe maybe also honest present the next level of compatibility, allowing set up now not appropriate of Android Auto nonetheless of different Android apps.

Android Auto with a Raspberry Pi

This hack comes courtesy of infamous Polish programmer Michał Gapiński, whose ongoing Tesla-Android challenge liberates Tesla’s onboard computer for every form of third-occasion finagling. Of declare, that is now not at all times unquestionably the predominant time now we contain heard of Gapiński’s work: his hack also lets in customers to set up Apple CarPlay. Normal requirements for sideloading Android Auto onto a Tesla initiate with a Raspberry Pi 4 that has now not lower than 4GB of RAM. Skill hackers can even need an HDMI module so the Raspberry Pi can exercise video, a micro-HDMI to HDMI cable, a USB-A/USB-C connector, an LTE modem, and a computer to make exhaust of as a terminal.

Clearly, the challenge is now not at all times unquestionably formally sanctioned and there are now not any doubt dangers related to tinkering with your Tesla on this come. If you unquestionably feel like proceeding with the trouble no topic the menace, we highly imply you might maybe maybe maybe also honest contain a gaze at Gapiński’s in discovering up thus some distance how-to sooner than starting. His instructions are seemingly positive and detailed, and most importantly will most likely be changed as and when Gapiński improves his work. His hardware requirements are also value reviewing since they’ll most likely exchange because the Tesla hack evolves. DIYers and Tesla house owners might maybe maybe maybe also additionally follow the Tesla Android challenge through its Twitter tale.