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Apple Song says it now boasts a catalog of 100 million tracks, with some attention-grabbing stats.Apple Song notorious the milestone with a weblog put up, revealing that over 20,000 singers and songwriters bring original music to Apple Song on each day basis. Despite the focus on its massive catalog, Apple highlights that human curation stays at the core of its trip. “Now more than ever, we know that funding in human curation will be key in making us the very simplest at connecting artists and audiences,” says the weblog put up.

Apple also talked about its Apple Song At the present time assortment, which picks a brand original song on each day basis to dive into its history. However the 100 million quantity offers Apple a sound edge of its fundamental competitor Spotify, which claims a different of over 80 million tracks. It’s also no longer clear how many of these tracks are exclusives, corresponding to genuine DJ mixes or are living sessions from indie artists.

“It’s a massive, massive quantity,” Rachel Newman, Apple’s World Head of Editorial and Speak, told the Associated Press. “It in point of fact is that you have to voice of to create music and file it and birth it more than ever sooner than in the history of music, which we voice is exciting fabulous.”

What number of tracks does Apple Song hold?As of October 3, 2022, the provider claims 100 million tracks. That puts it forward of other opponents treasure Spotify, Amazon, and even YouTube Song. Right here’s the numbers:

Apple Song – 100 million tracksAmazon Song – 90 million tracksSpotify – 80 million tracks + 2 million podcastsThe evolution of iTunes into Apple Song has been an enticing one over the closing 20 years or so. When iTunes first launched, it featured music in 200 languages and dialects. Now 40% of Apple Song’s offerings are in English, and it parts music from over 350 languages and dialects across the globe. The quantity of Apple Song songs has doubled in the closing four years–from 50 million in 2018–to 100 million in 2022.