Whenever you’re a Dwelling windows 11 user whose been having complications with your printer’s more advanced features, Microsoft has some immoral news: You must maybe maybe perhaps maybe absorb to motivate—on each your printer complications and the crimson meat up to the Dwelling windows 11 2022 Replace (22H2).

Microsoft has positioned a compatibility defend on certain PCs trying to update to Dwelling windows 11 22H2. Here’s intended to prevent them from receiving the crimson meat up before the disaster resolved, Microsoft says. (Which skill of Neowin for discovering this.)

The scenario is a hang-22 of sorts: Definite printers could maybe maybe maybe absorb considerations wirelessly communicating to their host PCs, and informing them of certain advanced features. In this case, Dwelling windows controls the printer with the Microsoft IPP Class Driver or Standard Print Class Driver, in point of fact a generic interface to enable the printer to print. The connectivity considerations prevent the host PC from figuring out the more advanced features, equivalent to colour printing, dual-sided/duplex printing, and more, and thus these features don’t work.

Unfortunately, the inability to print using advanced features can elevate over to Dwelling windows 11 22H2, subsequently the defend. The subject is that Microsoft is taking a shotgun intention for the time being: In case your PC’s printer uses an IPP Class Driver or Standard Print Class Driver, it wont be ready to crimson meat up till Microsoft resolves the disaster. Microsoft is trying to narrow down the answer to isolate the printers that fit all around the constraints of the topic—generic drivers, inability to state, advanced features—but isn’t there but.

Whenever you’re determined to crimson meat up, it’s doubtless you’ll perhaps maybe perhaps hang the printer through the Dwelling windows Settings menu (Bluetooth & units > Printers & scanners) after that are trying to crimson meat up to Dwelling windows 11 22H2.

The caveat: That’s now now not going to happen simply away. Dwelling windows 11 22H2 could maybe maybe maybe most real looking seem in Dwelling windows Replace after 48 hours, which manner you’ll be left with out the flexibility to print for up to two days. And no, downloading the update manually won’t relief: “We affirm that you just cease now now not are trying to manually crimson meat up using the Replace now button or the Media Introduction Instrument till this disaster has been resolved and the safeguard removed,” Microsoft says.

Upgrades persistently introduce unique bugs, but right here’s an tense one. You must maybe maybe perhaps maybe absorb to make a bustle to your native copy shop to print out any significant paperwork whereas Microsoft sorts this out.

Author: Designate Hachman, Senior Editor

As PCWorld’s senior editor, Designate makes a speciality of Microsoft news and chip expertise, amongst assorted beats. He has formerly written for PCMag, BYTE, Slashdot, eWEEK, and ReadWrite.