In case you’re the more or much less PC owner who measures their peace of ideas in frames per 2d, don’t be too rapid to apply the latest update to Windows 11. The correct-released Windows 11 2022 Update is causing a lot of bugs and performance issues, particularly in machines with Nvidia graphics cards. That’s according to a host of customers on Reddit and various spots around the glean. The complaints are now widespread adequate that there’s positively one thing in the back of them, despite the fact that it isn’t clear but fairly what it is.

Update: Nvidia has formally addresses the Windows 11 2H22 issues with a beta update to the GeForce Expertise app, available for download now. An update to the release model and the plump Nvidia GPU driver is expected rapidly. Our original coverage of the performance woes continues below

Early adopters on Reddit and in other places are complaining of greater-than-normal CPU usage, leading to significant stuttering and a drop in frames per 2d in a variety of games. Others file audio system defects and the occasional plump scheme crash, the dreaded Blue Display cover of Death, according to Windows Latest.

Regardless of the vehement outcry, these complications may very nicely be affecting finest a small percentage of customers. Then again many Windows Insiders skilled the situation, it wasn’t adequate to discontinue the sizeable update from heading out into the general population (or, to be fair, it’s attainable that Microsoft’s engineers determined to kick the can down to Nvidia post-release). Obviously, that may maybe be miniature comfort to the customers who are seeing the issue, and don’t have an easy way to fix it.

Then again widespread it is, Nvidia is aware of the situation, and presumably engaged on a driver-stage fix via an update. Within the meantime, some customers are discovering reduction by killing the NVIDIA FrameView SDK service in the Task Manager and rebooting their scheme. If troubles persist, you can roll back the 2022 Update and wait for these wrinkles to be ironed out.

Update: Over the weekend Nvidia straight addressed the widespread performance issues, posting a original beta model of the GeForce Expertise app that reportedly fixes the situation. Whereas it’s an peculiar transfer to place the fix in Nvidia’s add-on application instead of the standard GPU driver package itself, gamers affected by dramatic performance decreases aren’t about to gaze a present horse in the mouth.


The download is also available within GeForce Expertise itself, by opening the Settings menu and choosing “Enable Experimental Features.” In case you don’t want to use GeForce Expertise, Nvidia says that a original Game Ready Driver will seemingly be released “the week of September 26.”

Author: Michael Crider, Staff Writer

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