Lately, Christina Aguilera, the American singer-songwriter, filed for a bunch of NFT and metaverse trademarks. Put simply, this exhibits the well-known particular person’s interest in entering into the placement in a diminutive. The trademarks embody NFTs, virtual concerts and metaverse video games. For the time being, she hasn’t got them yet but is within the technique of submitting for them.

Christina Aguilera has shown her interest within the NFT and metaverse location by diagram of this trademark submitting.
The Trademark Files
When any individual files for a trademark, it technique that they desire to sell or present certain goods or products and services. In Christina Aguilera‘s case, doing this means that she’s going to seemingly be ready to sell, market, and license her trademark.

The trademarks bear been filed supreme week, on September 16th, with the usa Patent and Trademark Put of business (USPTO) by Three Desires IP LLC, whom she has worked with beforehand on her ‘in trusty lifestyles’ recording and performing trademarks.

A listing of the goods and products and services for which Christina Aguilera and Three Desires bear filed are as follows:

Crypto collectibles
Downloadable virtual goods, namely artwork, avatars, clothing, jewellery, and a bunch of merchandise
Leisure products and services, equivalent to musical performances, tune concerts and virtual appearances within the metaverse
Online, non-downloadable video games within the metaverse and a bunch of virtual environments.

Here’s the singer’s first pass into web3. It exhibits a positive plan that she needs to bag all in favour of the placement, despite not mentioning anything about her ongoings within the industry.

About Christina Aguilera
Christina Aguilera is an American singer/songwriter, to boot to producer, actress, businesswoman and TV persona. Her ongoing singing career began in 1993, and she picked up reputation within the listless ’90s and early ’00s by diagram of the ‘revival of teen pop,’ which she is regularly credited for.

In total, the 41-year-former has won 228 awards, being nominated for 517. Some of doubtlessly the most indispensable embody loads of Grammys, loads of Billboard #1 singles, 4 Billboard Song Awards, 2 Brit Awards and many, many more.

Furthermore, with estimated gross sales of over 90 million records, Christina Aguilera is acknowledged as one among the World’s easiest-promoting tune artists.

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