This weekend GutterCon – Gutter Cat Gang’s convention journey – ended badly for an NFT holder. An unknown hacker stole a entire lot of thousands of greenbacks fee of NFTs. The victim @denniswbielik became hacked, ensuing in a Bored Ape, Mutant Ape, Doodles, RTFKT, Sappy Seals, Slothful Lions, and Gutter Cat Gang NFT being stolen.

Unfortunately for one holder, they had stolen NFTs when attending GutterCon. (through @bchillz42)Hundreds of Thousands of greenbacks fee of NFTs stolen through hackingWitnessing a case of stolen NFTs is no longer continuously a pleasing feeling. In this case, @denniswbielik hack mark him  $100,000’s fee of them, including some blue-chip NFTs from Bored Ape Yacht Membership, RTFKT, and Gutter Cat Gang.

This took save at this weekend’s GutterCon tournament by Gutter Cat Gang. It appears to be like, their cell phone became off, and the assault easy came about. Moreover, the cell phone became next to @denniswbielik, a.okay.a REPLY GUY, even while they had been drowsing. Unfortunately, @denniswbielik saved his NFTs in MetaMask, no longer a hardware wallet such as Ledger.

One consumer requested why the NFTs had been in a sizzling wallet to originate with. In response, @denniswbielik stated: “Unquestionably correct hadn’t moved it to my assorted wallet yet and became correct stoked about GutterCon forgot to put it apart before.”

For the time being, @denniswbielik has filed a case with the Las Vegas Police Division. Many people are speculating on how this hack could presumably dangle came about. Unquestionably, @denniswbielik’s developer fair correct friend has speculated that the hacker could presumably dangle focused a TAGHeuer secret agent. The actual secret agent mannequin can hook up with MetaMask as a blueprint of displaying NFTs.

About GutterConGutterCon became Gutter Cat Gang’s choice to a convention for all of their holders to support. The tournament featured a meetup, paintball, trip be conscious, spa day, dinner, and a ‘surprise tournament’. As nicely as this, there became furthermore the iHeartRadio Music Competition.

As expected in Vegas, fans had been dancing for the period of the night at one of the important diverse occasions.

For the most piece, the tournament regarded to be a stress-free community rep-collectively, however the stolen NFTs from @denniswbielik dangle undoubtedly attach a damper on the weekend.

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