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Nvidia’s RTX 4070 may not be among the first batch of subsequent-gen GPUs launched, and if the rumor mill is upright, we’ll gather two diverse spins on the RTX 4080 arriving to boot to the flagship RTX 4090.

The most up-to-date chatter from the grapevine on Lovelace comes from a couple of sources who VideoCardz (opens in original tab) spoke to, mixed with info drawn from usual hardware leaker Kopite7kimi on Twitter (who not too long in the past summarized (opens in original tab) all their most up-to-date findings), and Chiphell (opens in original tab) (Chinese boards), all of which corroborates VideoCardz’s findings in some places.

There’s some new info on clock speeds and energy usage, but the most fascinating revelation right here is that Nvidia appears to be like to be planning to unencumber two variations of the RTX 4080, one with 16GB of VRAM, and one with 12GB – but there may perchance be other predominant differences with the spec (prefer all this with corpulent heaps of seasoning, naturally, as with all rumor).

The RTX 4080 16GB is the one acknowledged to be built on the AD103 GPU with 9,728 CUDA Cores, with the 12GB scamper on the 4080 supposedly dropping down to make sigh of the lesser AD104 GPU, and it’ll sport 7,680 CUDA Cores – rather a distinction.

As VideoCardz observes, what appears to be like to be to be the case is that the RTX 4080 12GB is what became as soon as previously acknowledged on the rumor mill as the RTX 4070 (or 4070 Ti) – which more or much less explains why it regarded so fleshy, one thing we’ve commented on in most up-to-date times.

VideoCardz informs us that Nvidia has made a “final-minute name swap” for this card to flip it into a lesser scamper of the RTX 4080, and for the moment, there is never any RTX 4070 – with graphics card producers not wanting forward to this to swap (with the Lovelace open now so end: it’s expected on September 20, at GTC).

Other spec nuggets shared in this new rumor dump consist of that the RTX 4080 12GB will occupy a energy usage of 285W (TGP or Total Graphics Energy), which is ready to be pushed up to 366W. The boost clock will purportedly be 2610MHz.

The stronger model of the RTX 4080 with 16GB of VRAM will supposedly boost to 2505MHz, with a TGP of 340W (ready to be pushed up to 516W maximum). The GDDR6X memory is declared to bustle at 23Gbps, notably, and this may perchance be the most fascinating GPU to occupy that rapidly VRAM.

As for the RTX 4090, that enhances to 2520MHz, and the rumor mill all another time facets to that long-held TGP of 450W, but at max it will also be pushed to 660W. The 24GB of video RAM may perchance be 21Gbps modules, the identical as the lesser RTX 4080 12GB.

The tech space tells us that the RTX 4090 want to be out in the first half of October, and the RTX 4080 models are apparently position to debut in the preliminary two weeks of November.

(Image credit score: Nvidia)Analysis: RTX 4070 ETA?So, what about the RTX 4070 then? Well, we had heard mention a couple of weeks lend a hand – all another time from Kopite7kimi on Twitter – that there had been two conceivable specs for the 4070 graphics card. The mentioned elevated-cease possibility is now the RTX 4080 12GB, in theory, so as that could proceed the other configuration of an AD104 chip with 10GB of VRAM and 7,168 CUDA Cores to be the RTX 4070. Maybe. (Let’s face it, the Lovelace rumor residence is turning into an increasing number of confusing).

If this is what’s occurring, it’ll be disappointing for a couple of causes. At the initiate, the RTX 4070 most fascinating having 10GB of video memory gained’t walk down properly, and secondly, the prospect of it being unhurried to the desk is disheartening, too. When will it flip up? If  there’s no peep of it yet, the least bit, is this a GPU that Nvidia is planning to delay till early 2023, as some rumors occupy urged?

Forward of we gather too unhappy, although, what we don’t yet occupy is any indication of pricing for Lovelace out of doors of the RTX 4090 (we’ve correct heard some hints as to the flagship’s notice build, and sadly, the news isn’t what we desired to listen to).

If we aren’t getting an RTX 4070 at the birth, but we are getting an RTX 4080 12GB which is priced rather k for its efficiency – though-provoking about it does fall down an even manner from the 4080 16GB by manner of a lesser GPU and significantly fewer CUDA Cores – then maybe it gained’t topic. Which is to order that it’ll all be about the notice/efficiency ratio of these GPUs, regardless of they cease up being called.

That Nvidia has purportedly made up our minds to notch up the name to an RTX 4080 from the 4070, nevertheless, leaves a caring feeling about pricing in our gut. In particular given the above mentioned RTX 4090 pricing leak. Time will show, as ever, and with not up to a week to walk earlier than the Lovelace open, we gained’t want to wait long to stare more about Group Inexperienced’s subsequent-gen graphics playing cards.

All this does leave us wondering, nevertheless, whether the tactic could presumably be to price a top class for the original merchandise – rather a lot as expected for excessive-cease GPUs new off the assembly traces – and further knock down pricing on that extra RTX 3000 inventory as the replacement possibility for folk that don’t want to splash out too a lot.

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