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For these who cast your mind back to May of this year, it was announced that older Amazon Kindle ereaders will probably be dropping a key feature sooner or later; we’re sorry to say that this ‘future’ date has finally near to pass.

This key feature is the ability to engage books on the instrument – yeah, it’s a fairly major feature – though you are level-headed able to ship information over to the ereader, so it doesn’t make your Kindle totally redundant.

Affected Kindles are the fourth- and fifth-generation items, which came out in 2011 and 2012, as effectively as the Keyboard and International items. You can take a look at your Kindle model quantity in the Settings menu of the instrument, below Gadget Information, though it may be easier simply to examine whether or no longer you can level-headed engage an e-book.

Nonetheless you don’t want to consign your Kindle to a dumpster straight away – love we said, there are level-headed ways to earn digital information onto your Kindle, and maintain reading them. In fact, we’d imagine that any other folks don’t even exhaust the on-instrument Kindle Store, as it’s a lot slower and clunkier to exhaust than the earn station and app.

For these who engage books on the Kindle Store on your laptop browser, you can immediately ship them over to your Kindle, so the e-book will probably be accessible whereas you happen to subsequent connect the ereader to the earn. Alternatively, you can ship PDFs and other information to your Kindle and this level-headed works comely.

It’s charge declaring, though, that whereas you happen to have an Android cellular phone it’s rather the palaver sending books to your Kindle.

Analysis: but carry out you want a unusual Kindle?The Kindle Store workarounds mean your ereader is level-headed comely to exhaust for reading books on the amble. Nonetheless whereas you happen to carry out have an ancient Kindle, there is perhaps other reasons to upgrade.

Units can lose their battery life over time, meaning you’re no longer getting the weeks of reading that you’re archaic to. And your gadget may have been bashed or damage from the normal wear and tear of exhaust, particularly in the port department as that’s the place haphazard cable insertion can cause damage – bear in mind, the units dropping onboard Kindle Store are at least 10 years weak.

So whereas you happen to have an affected ereader, you may be pondering procuring for a unusual one, and upgrading to a newer model for the hot features they’ve brought.

If that’s you, we should probably highlight Amazon’s trade-in program (opens in unusual tab) for older units, which allows you to trade in an aging gadget to earn money off a unusual one. That’s whereas you happen to don’t want to pass your Kindle to a buddy who may exhaust it, of route.

Whether or no longer or no longer you’re opting for a trade-in, there are often some correct deals on ereaders, and we’ll share the correct ones on your map below:

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