The Windows 11 POST (Energy On Self-Test) path of happens rapidly for improved startup times, leaving minute room to hit the designated setup key and regain correct of entry to the BIOS menu.

For that cause, booting to BIOS in Windows 11 is rather diversified from earlier variations reminiscent of Windows 7. Whenever you have to to maybe perchance perchance be wondering how to breeze about it, that is a short information for you.

However first things first…

BIOS vs. UEFI: What’s the adaptation?

In most cases these two phrases are aged interchangeably, but BIOS rather differs from UEFI, and in short it would perchance be said UEFI is the evolution of what BIOS aged to finish.

UEFI is an acronym for Unified Extensible Firmware, whereas BIOS is Well-liked Input Output System. Both present identical efficiency despite the real fact that UEFI has extra in type points reminiscent of GUID Partition Desk (GPT) and Genuine Boot. Nonetheless, UEFI does no longer toughen the older Master Boot File aged by BIOS.

Due to this fact to migrate from a legacy machine using MBR and BIOS to a UEFI-supported operating machine, the boot disk needs to be converted to GPT. In the case of Windows 11, Genuine Boot and Depended on Platform Module (TPM) additionally need to be enabled. In this text, we are able to refer to UEFI as BIOS since they nearly depict the identical thing and for doubtlessly the most share they’re aged interchangeably.

With that out of the procedure in which, let’s return to how to regain correct of entry to your BIOS settings.

Accessing the BIOS

There are two methods to boot into BIOS in Windows 11. One is in the course of the Windows Settings and the different is to press down the Shift key whereas clicking the restart button in the Originate menu.

Option 1: From the Originate Menu

Click on the Windows Originate menu, then the Energy button.
Whereas pressing down the Shift key, click the Restart button.
This would perchance decide you to the Windows Troubleshooting alternate suggestions, the set apart you have to to maybe perchance reboot to BIOS.

Option 2: From Windows Settings

It’s essential to perchance be in a position to regain correct of entry to Windows Settings by true clicking on the Originate Menu. Then navigate to the System > Recovery share.

In the Recovery settings, below the Evolved startup share, click Restart now.

Navigating Windows’ advanced startup alternate suggestions

After using both of the two alternate suggestions above, look forward to the loading video display to full and then click the Troubleshoot button.

Tap the Evolved Ideas share

Then engage out UEFI Firmware Settings for BIOS settings

The following video display affords an option to restart and regain correct of entry to the BIOS setup web page

Upon booting, you’ll likely be introduced together with your UEFI settings.

Please display depending on the instrument producer, you have to to maybe perchance neutral bump into diversified alternate suggestions from these listed beneath.

BIOS affords regain correct of entry to to a pair of low-level settings to control hardware devices reminiscent of USB efficiency, boot precedence, gain boot and tons others. Most up-to-date UEFI interfaces delight in integrated mouse input in recount that is more straightforward to navigate and engage out in the course of the diversified settings.