For a while, it sounded like Microsoft may perhaps perhaps below no circumstances transfer past Windows 10, but then it dropped Windows 11 in unhurried 2021. Even with a longer hole between unusual variations, it became very now not going for Microsoft to bag all and sundry totally gratified. Despite some well-known improvements in Windows 11, there are nonetheless some nagging concerns. Fortunately, various them are fixable with diverse degrees of legwork—here’s how that you simply can too patch the supreme annoyances in Windows 11.

Bypass the TPM 2.0 compare

The critical huge Windows 11 headache begins earlier than you even install it. Microsoft requires a TPM 2.0 module (amongst diversified hardware aspects), and now not all machines hang a form of. In case your computer is otherwise able to working Safe11, that you simply can too safely bypass this compare. The quickest potential to fix this explain is to bag a minute tweak to the registry during the setup process.

Bypassing Windows 11’s TPM compare bypass by intention of a registry edit.

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Whereas in the Windows installation dialog, that you simply can too hit Shift + F10 to originate a command suggested, and from there that you simply can too originate the Windows registry editor by typing “regedit”and pressing enter. Navigate to HKEY_LOCAL_MACHINESYSTEMSetup and then lovely-click on. Bewitch New > Key and title it LabConfig. Below that key, we favor to add two values using New > DWORD (32-bit stamp). Regarded as one of them ought to be called BypassTPMCheck and the diversified will seemingly be BypassSecureBootCheck. Double-click on to trade the values, setting them both to “1.”

With that performed, that you simply can too poke serve to setup and continue your Windows installation adventure.

Transfer the Start menu and taskbar icons to the left

Windows 11 totally revamped the taskbar, and one of the first things you’ll glance about it is miles that your icons usually are now not any longer left-justified. Now, the icons are in the heart, alongside with the commence button. If this trade rubs you the notorious potential, Microsoft will allow you to trade it. However, the choice in all equity buried.

Replace the alignment of Windows 11’s taskbar icons and Start menu with this setting. You like ‘left’ to bag it seek for like Windows 10. 

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The feature you wish is readily available in Settings > Personalization > Taskbar. Scroll down to the bottom, and expand the “Taskbar behaviors” portion. Reach the top of this list is the alignment choice. Replace it from “Heart” to “Left,” and you’re all region. It’s one of the loads of tweaks that you simply can too manufacture to bag Windows 11 seek for like Windows 10.

Procure the Windows 10 context menu serve

Regarded as one of essentially the most frustrating experiences in Windows 11 shouldn’t reach as a surprise. There are two diversified context menus now, matching the 2 settings apps. Once you lovely-click on, Windows 11 presents you a simplified context menu that’s missing a ton of alternate strategies, real just like the Windows 11 Settings app. Once you wish to hang the paunchy shebang, that you simply can hang got to click on Show more alternate strategies to bag the assist of the context alternate strategies. Fortuitously, that you simply can too poke serve to the real context menu with a runt registry editing.

Left: Ugh. Apt: Ahhhhhhh, gallop.

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Both flee “regedit” or search the commence menu for “registry editor” to bag began. Navigate to ComputerHKEY_CURRENT_USERSOFTWARECLASSESCLSID and then lovely-click on. Exercise New > Key to arrangement a brand unusual key folder. Title the critical {86ca1aa0-34aa-4e8b-a509-50c905bae2a2} and then lovely-click on on it to add one other subkey, this one named InprocServer32. By default, this key contains a default without a stamp region. Double click on on it, poke away the guidelines stamp blank, hit Good satisfactory, and you’re performed. Once you restart your computer, you’ll hang the classic menu serve.

Scheduled darkish mode

It’s the least bit times nice when the fix for a disclose is an originate source app, and such is the case for Windows 11’s darkish mode. We applaud Microsoft for adding a depressing mode in Safe11, but it’s nearly pointless without the ability to agenda activation like every diversified platform with a depressing theme. That’s why Auto Dark Mode is round.

Auto Dark Mode’s scheduling alternate strategies.

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That chances are high you’ll even bag this free app from the GitHub page or in the Microsoft Store. After placing in, you’ll hang the choice to configure a agenda in the app. That chances are high you’ll even employ custom hours for light and darkish mode, or automate it in accordance to your geographical disclose. Auto Dark Mode moreover involves alternate strategies to control which parts of the interface trade coloration, pausing theme changes while gaming, and more. Did we level out it’s free?

Return of the Explorer ribbon

After so decades of Windows 10, many folks got outdated faculty to the ribbon interface in Windows 10, but it’s been scaled serve heavily in Windows 11. To divulge serve the ribbon and all its jump menus, you’ll hang to dig into the registry editor. All another time, either flee “regedit” or search the commence menu for “registry editor.”

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This time we’re going to HKEY_LOCAL_MACHINESOFTWAREMicrosoftWindowsCurrentVersionShell Extensions. Below this key, you will hang to nonetheless hang two subkeys called Licensed and Cached. We’re going to add a third one (New > Key) called Blocked. Inner this subkey, lovely-click on again and add a brand unusual String Stamp. Rename the string to {e2bf9676-5f8f-435c-97eb-11607a5bedf7} and restart your machine. The ribbon ought to be serve at the top of the Explorer window while you occur to originate it.

Effect the widget board relevant

Microsoft is promising to bag Windows widgets one thing you’ll favor to employ. However, unless you are deeply embedded in the Microsoft ecosystem, the convey on this pop-up won’t be relevant to you the least bit. It’s a lawful understanding to bag in there and bag some changes so you aren’t annoyed every time your cursor swings too shut.

Click the runt “prepare interests” choice in the Widget settings to commence making changes.

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That chances are high you’ll even originate the widget board by hovering your cursor over the climate icon in the taskbar. That chances are high you’ll even employ the three-dot button on widgets to retract them, and in case you want to hang to add more, click on the plus button in the top lovely. Right here’s moreover where you’ll gain a minute, without wretchedness overlooked “Arrange interests” hyperlink that would perhaps regulate the guidelines stories that appear in the widget board. It opens a web pages (in Edge, obviously) that allows you to register your hobby or disinterest in diverse topics. On account of you’re reading this, that you simply can favor to make certain know-how is checked. Once you’re explicitly now not into one thing—celebrities, shall we embrace— that you simply can too block that from showing.

Modify taskbar disclose and dimension

When it revamped the taskbar for Windows 11, Microsoft dropped the choice to trade the size and disclose. This may perhaps perhaps now not were a most current feature in Windows 10, but it’s been in the OS since time immemorial. Once you relied on taskbar changes for your workflow, there’s lawful files and sinister files. Staunch: that you simply can too nonetheless alter these parameters. The sinister files is it requires more registry editing, and changing the settings isn’t very handy.

We’ll show you how to create that below, but it’s moreover price declaring that third-party tools Start11 and StartAllBack (both $5 programs) give fans masses of flexibility for changing Windows 11’s Start menu and taskbar habits, including alternate strategies you honest can’t bag using native tools alone. Both are extremely urged and can fix most of what we detest about Windows 11’s interface.

The live outcomes of all of your laborious registry editing: Windows 11’s taskbar at the top of your cover cover.

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Once you don’t favor to pay money to trade your taskbar’s situation, you’ll another time hang to dive into the Registry Editor. This time, you wish to navigate to HKEY_CURRENT_USERToolMicrosoftWindowsCurrentVersionExplorerStuckRects3. On this key, you’ll gain a Settings binary file. Double click on on it to edit, and in discovering the fifth stamp on the 2d line—it will nonetheless study “03” earlier than you edit anything. Changing this number to 01 and hitting Good satisfactory will transfer to taskbar to the top of the quilt cover in your subsequent restart. Meanwhile, changing it with 00 will transfer it to the left, and 02 will put it on the lovely.

You hang to originate this key every time you wish to hang to transfer the bar, sadly. Once you’re a left taskbar individual, prepare for disappointment. Whereas that you simply can too transfer the bar to that facet, present builds of Windows 11 don’t render it as it will seemingly be—that you simply can now not be ready to explore your icons. However, exciting to the top works real lovely.

The taskbar can also moreover be laborious to explore on excessive-resolution monitors for these with dejected imaginative and prescient, and even you wish to hang it smaller to attach dwelling for convey on a smaller cover. There usually are now not any settings for that in Windows 11, but that you simply can too trade this in the registry. Shuffle to HKEY_CURRENT_USERToolMicrosoftWindowsCurrentVersionExplorerImproved in the Registry Editor. On this key, lovely-click on and arrangement a brand unusual DWORD (32-bit) Stamp called TaskbarSi. Double-click on that stamp to edit, and trade it to 0 (minute), 1 (standard), or 2 (stout). Click Good satisfactory, and restart to full the arrangement.

At this level, you may perhaps be having a explore at a Windows 11 UI that’s a lot diversified than it became out of the sector. Microsoft most regularly warns in opposition to making changes like this, particularly when it comes to bypassing boot protections, but it’s your machine and your workflow is more critical than Microsoft’s pattern priorities. Now that your PC looks to be like and behaves how you wish to hang it to, lift things even additional with these 10 runt-identified Windows 11 aspects that will blow your thoughts.