Who doesn’t appreciate a correct deal? Especially if it’s on one thing that’s basically new or flippantly used. We’ve been devoid of any such deals on graphics cards for the last few years, thanks to a combination of present shortages, logistics woes, and booming cryptocurrency demands, nonetheless there’s finally correct information! The GPU market has taken a nosedive, meaning that brand new retail Nvidia and AMD graphics cards are cheaper than ever. They’re level-headed expensive, however, and GPU miners hurting from crypto’s crash are making an attempt to promote off their hardware at significant reductions. So we now turn our attention to the used graphics card market.

There are deals to be came across with used GPUs, nonetheless there are dangers alive to too. And is it even a correct time to be shopping? We’re going to cloak the top things that you wish to know before buying a used GPU, ranging from the latest market stipulations to what you ought to level-headed search for with the graphics card itself. In case you’d rather avoid all the potential headaches associated with buying a used graphics cards, our roundup of the finest GPUs for PC gaming can allow you to safe the finest new cards to suit your wants as properly.

1) Nvidia’s GeForce RTX 4000 and AMD’s Radeon RDNA 3 – coming quickly?

Considered one of many reasons that latest-gen GPU costs are shedding so fast is the coming near near arrival of Nvidia and AMD’s next generation GPUs. No official release dates have been released to date, so it’s complicated to pin down exactly when we are seeing one thing new, although AMD says its new RDNA 3-powered Radeon GPUs will debut someday in Q4 (October by December). Nvidia’s GeForce RTX 4000-sequence is also heavily rumored to launch someday this year.

Regardless of whether Nvidia or AMD strikes first, inquire of the largest, baddest next-gen GPUs to launch first, such as the GeForce RTX 4090 and 4080. We’d be extra seemingly to explore extra affordable graphics cards, savor the RTX 4070 and below, next year.

What does that mean in case you’re having a examine at picking up a used GPU? 2nd hand costs will continue to fall, and may well decrease great extra sharply when the next generations of graphics cards are announced. Even in case you don’t have plans to acquire an RTX 4090, its mere existence means you can seemingly earn great cheaper pricing for a used GeForce RTX 30- or Radeon 6000-sequence GPU.

2) Mining GPUs hitting the market

Many of the used graphics cards at the moment hitting the used market had been used for crypto mining. With the contemporary downturn in cryptocurrency profitability, there has been a massive increase in these changing into available for sale. Some will seemingly be disclosed by the seller, nonetheless many will no longer.

May level-headed you be haunted? We cloak the details extra absolutely in our information to whether you can purchase a used mining GPU. But (spoiler alert) you’ll probably be handsome, and right here’s why:

Some may be GPUs purchased actual by the last few months before the “crash,” so may level-headed be shut to new.Most hardcore cryptocurrency miners will underclock and energy restrict their graphics cards, and correct owners will also preserve an respect on temperatures.GPUs historically have no longer proven any significant degradation or lengthy-length of time factors from being mined on. You’re seemingly extra easily to damage it by overclocking for gaming in some cases.Having said that, essentially the most important thing is to ask the seller some pointed questions. Within the event that they say a used GPU was used for mining, ask them in what form of atmosphere was the gadget in. Was it hot all of the time? Did it have correct ventilation, airflow, and filth regulate? Was it handled carefully? What voltage and clock accelerate tweaks did they make? The answers offers you with correct guidance. In case you’re no longer comfortable buying a used mining GPU, that’s OK too. Apt transfer on. The market is flush with alternatives lawful now, including reductions on new graphics cards.

3) Beware GPUs with GDDR6X memory

We covered above the way you’re generally handsome buying a used mining GPU, nonetheless there are some very important technical details you ought to level-headed give some extra attention. Some high-quit Nvidia RTX 30-sequence graphics cards exhaust hot and mighty GDDR6X VRAM. It’s particularly taxed by mining, given how memory-intensive mining is, and some models have suffered from heat factors if they came with unfortunate thermal pads from the factory. It’s a extra pronounced field for Nvidia’s gain Founders Edition cards.

This disassembled RTX 3090 Founders Edition reveals the card’s GDDR6X memory chips.

Thiago Trevisan/IDG

GPUs utilizing GDDR6X includes the GeForce RTX 3070 Ti, 3080, 3080 Ti, and 3090. The unsightly RTX 3090 Ti features an improved VRAM assemble and is much less seemingly to suffer from these factors. AMD’s rival Radeon offerings, on the alternative hand, exhaust typical GDDR6 (no X) memory so that you don’t need to wretchedness about those.

Probably the most crucial one (by far) to be careful with is the gigantic man right here, the GeForce RTX 3090. An inexperienced crypto miner who is unaware of the VRAM factors may have accelerate their RTX 3090 nonstop, with the memory constantly being thermally throttled to its 110C cutoff temperature. The GDDR6X memory temperatures on healthy GPUs ought to level-headed ideally accelerate properly below 100C. (In fact, 94C or below in a correct airflow atmosphere is even higher)

Some custom RTX 3090s had first rate out of the box thermal pads, nonetheless some failed to—even amongst graphics cards with the same mannequin, from the same brand. I’ve tested lower-quit 3090s that had beautiful temperatures—and some increased-quit models that had been abysmal due to bad stock thermal pads, and vice versa. Ask the seller about this. Some gamers may be unaware of VRAM factors if they didn’t mine with their graphics card, and that’s seemingly OK, nonetheless questions are always correct before purchasing.

4) Stress take a look at the GPU

In case you have a pleasant seller, you may ask them for 3DMark rankings to take a look at performance, and even ask them to accelerate the GPU for a while in Heaven Benchmark. That will repeat you if the GPU is stable and at least performing to spec.

In case you acquire the GPU from a used market place that has a correct return policy, such as a store originate box or eBay, take a look at it yourself. Our information to benchmarking your graphics card can back. Make definite there are no visual artifacts or other aberrant behavior that would crash it the exhaust of the above referenced benchmarking software, and strive playing a mixture of fast-paced and visually intensive games. If a used graphics card does have problems, you’d have a return policy to fall back on with those places.

In case you acquire a used graphics card without delay from the previous owner, off web sites savor Craigslist or Facebook Marketplace, getting a return may be tougher. It’s most effective to ask them to present benchmark results before the sale if imaginable, and allow you to realize of any potential factors.

5) Physical stipulations matter

The eyeball take a look at is your most effective buddy. Does one thing examine off or damaged in the image of that used graphics card? It can have real lifestyles penalties. That GPU fan blade with the lacking tip may appear innocent enough, nonetheless when it’s spinning, the oscillation is seemingly to create tons of vibration and cooling factors.

Thiago Trevisan/IDG

Has the seller opened the GPU or applied new thermal pads? Whereas new pads can theoretically assist temperatures, inexperienced customers who strive and change them out can also probably damage the GPU itself if they’re no longer careful.

If the GPU appears to be clean, without damage, and the seller has the original box in good shape, those can all be great signs.

Don’t neglect some particular situations where you can save loads of cash, although. Generally a GPU may factual be cosmetically damaged without performance problems, and you can save lot of cash because of that in case you don’t thoughts a few scratches on the shroud. You can also save extra cash in case you acquire one thing you realize you can repair (such as the fan blades in case you’re handy and know what you’re doing). Overall, however, a clean, properly saved GPU is generally ideal.

6) Assume your offer wisely

Now not all used GPUs are purchased the same way. There can be large monetary differences and safety earn protections reckoning on where you pace.

First, certainly one of many safer ways to earn a cheaper “used” graphics is to search for originate box offerings from physical retailers. In case you’re lucky to are residing near a Micro Heart, you can even physically learn about the GPU, build a warranty on it, and return it if it’s no longer working lawful. You’ll save compared to a new GPU, nonetheless it may level-headed mark a little bit of extra than in other places. You can recurrently safe similar originate box items on Amazon, Newegg, and similar retailers. Make definite you’re covered by a solid return policy In case you can’t learn about it beforehand.

Subsequent, there are various on-line market places such as eBay. These can typically have correct return insurance policies, product photographs, and seller feedback so that you have a increased chance of getting one thing correct. You may pay extra due to the cost constructions, nonetheless you’ll level-headed save over new.

The cheapest route is seemingly a reveal person to person sale, recurrently came across on places savor Facebook Marketplace and Craigslist. Whereas you can recurrently rating the cheapest pricing on used GPUs this way, there are a lot of precautions that need to be taken to your gain safety, such as meeting in a public place. The correct information is that you can recurrently physically learn about the graphics card, nonetheless it may be harder to earn your cash back if one thing goes horrible later. Suitable pricing, nonetheless purchaser must exhaust extra caution.

Certain GPU brands may also have warranties that apply to a 2nd owner with some limitations, such as EVGA. Your mileage will vary right here, so be certain that to research the exact brand you’re buying as they all vary.  

Buying a used GPU: It’s no longer so bad!

GPUs can last for years if taken care of, and the last few years have inflated GPU pricing to astronomical ranges. But at lengthy last, the tide is popping. At the top of the day, there can be colossal mark savings in case you’re savvy when buying a used graphics card. In case you take precautions, you can recurrently rating a great deal—especially in a all of sudden comfortable market where sellers are eager to earn rid of their models. Make definite to investigate cross-check our roundup of the finest graphics cards for PC gaming so that you’re armed with the understanding you wish whether you’re buying new or used.