OnePlus’ most traditional phone has launched, and that it is advisable to perhaps investigate cross-test our early OnePlus 10T overview to perceive what’s up with this current Android draw. 

The launch tournament became as soon as an hour and a half prolonged, and gave us an exhaustive perceive at the company’s most traditional cell, as well to OxygenOS 13, a software program update that’ll reach to the company’s phones in the future in the future.

The contents of the tournament weren’t a surprise (though the dimension became as soon as) – OnePlus had teased many aspects of the phone ahead of time. We did uncover the impress for the first time though, and it be extra sensible than its sibling the OnePlus 10 Expert.

We live-blogged the whole tournament – as that it is advisable to also uncover from the title to this text – and that it is advisable to perhaps learn thru our comments on the whole launch beneath. If you happen to’d rather ogle it merit, we occupy bought a manual on the correct option to create that here.


2022-08-03T17: 59: 30.648Z

We’re upright about ready to conclude out the Live Blog, however here is a final perceive at the draw in the Glacier Mat case, which OnePlus says dissipates warmth for larger cooling. It absolutely screams “gamer,” though perhaps at the impress of that very chilly Moonstone texture. 

(Describe credit score: Future)Lastly, here is a super conclude-up perceive at that Moonstone Sunless texture. We occupy fingers-on for the OnePlus 10T for you to investigate cross-test appropriate now. 

(Describe credit score: Future)

2022-08-03T17: 23: 20.864Z

OnePlus talked plenty about strength and performance, as well to the phone’s capacity to retain chilly when pushing the most. As that it is advisable to also witness beneath, I tuned out a cramped at some stage in the live broadcast and decided to present the OnePlus 10T a speed for its money. 

I’m able to claim that the phone failed to web significantly scorching, even when I pushed its capabilities to the limit. I furthermore managed to empty the battery, and though I develop not occupy remarkable numbers, I’m able to uncover you the battery charged to 100% between these Live Blog updates. Our fleshy overview will occupy the definitive perceive on whether the OnePlus 10T can match OnePlus battery claims. 

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2022-08-03T16: 48: 18.656Z

Hi folks! It be Phil Berne on the U.S. aspect of TechRadar. Our US Editor-in-Chief Lance is on residence getting fingers-on with the phones, however I in the end occupy a unit on hand and I will seemingly be preserving our live perceive going.

We occupy now mainly seen the Jade Inexperienced model of the phone, however I’ve bought the Moonstone Sunless colour in hand and listed below are upright a couple of photos showing the very chilly texture on this phone. It feels very restful and sanded, not polished love glass however not rough in any contrivance. 

(Describe credit score: Future)That that it is advisable to perhaps furthermore witness the camera lenses up conclude. We’re a cramped upset that this could not occupy the same shooting prowess as the OnePlus 10 Expert, however we can not argue with that impress! We will occupy to test the cameras to perceive where they shine. 

(Describe credit score: Future)

2022-08-03T15: 52: 36.725Z

Okay, I’m signing off now, however will seemingly be passing the baton to our US Cell Editor Philip who’s furthermore bought fingers on the phone. Expect extra analysis and observation over the following couple of hours.

2022-08-03T15: 41: 26.581Z

As per our on-the-ground reporter, OnePlus is placing pretty a cramped of showmanship into its draw…

This became as soon as chilly, aside from for the mist that made me cough. #OnePlus10T 3, 2022

Look extra

Undergo in mind, that’s upright a direct to hype up the cooling tech. With synthetic smoke. And dramatic lights.

2022-08-03T15: 33: 58.115Z

Now that the tournament is over, our embargo is up, and we’re going to have the capacity to part our early impressions about the phone.

(Describe credit score: Future)Right here’s our OnePlus 10T overview. It be an early impressions part for now, as we have not had the phone prolonged sufficient to present our fleshy verdict on it.

We liked the phone’s direct and charging hotfoot, however its fingerprint scanner feels pretty moody, and the camera will not be very spectacular either. But close tuned in the next week or so for our fleshy overview.

2022-08-03T15: 31: 58.225Z

And the tournament is over!

2022-08-03T15: 31: 30.626Z

(Describe credit score: OnePlus)We occupy now heard the impress.

There’s an 8GB RAM and 128GB storage model thatll ost $649 / £629, and an 16GB and 256GB model that’s $100 / £100 extra.

The phone goes on sale August 25 in Europe however September 29 in the US – that’s pretty a wait!

2022-08-03T15: 29: 22.235Z

Sing what you would prefer about OnePlus’ unfamiliar TV-direct-parody phone launches that it be frail sooner than, however at the least the were immediate. 

The tournament is quiet occurring, and OnePlus is talking about cell game championshops and its crimson cable membership etc.

2022-08-03T15: 24: 56.313Z

The OnePlus 10 Expert will web OxygenOS 13 first, though we did not hear when. The OnePlus 10T will furthermore web it later this year, however after the Expert.

2022-08-03T15: 22: 28.775Z

A total bunch the OxygenOS 13 facets we’re hearing about are in the end Android 13 ones that OnePlus has tailored, love Nearby Fragment for sharing recordsdata with folks nearby, as well to extra security instruments.

2022-08-03T15: 18: 37.768Z

This tournament is taking place so, goodbye. How prolonged does it take to uncover us a couple of single phone, and a small software program update?

This OxygenOS 13 portion particularly looks horribly stretched out.

2022-08-03T15: 15: 19.710Z

(Describe credit score: OnePlus)Right here’s an instance of how OxygenOS 13 will perceive, with some examples of assorted apps and the notable menu.

2022-08-03T15: 14: 11.811Z

OnePlus is mixing up its metaphors a cramped here. It looks scrolling thru the software program is love respiratory ‘ie Oxygen OS’ however furthermore flowing love water. 

Which is it OnePlus, water or respiration?

2022-08-03T15: 10: 43.770Z

It looks OxygenOS 13, in preserving with Android 13, has an ‘aquamorphic make’, or in preserving with water… whatever which contrivance. 

(Describe credit score: OnePlus)We occupy now seen some thematic adverts for it, however no staunch examples of how Oxygen OS 13 looks love when put next with the OS 12. 

We occupy now heard it’s going to occupy to occupy a certain colour plan though, because it be in preserving with Klein Blue (a very blue roughly blue).

2022-08-03T15: 04: 08.822Z

It sounds love the phone launch is wrapping up – about time too, because we were taking a sight at the same draw for an hour – however we’re transferring onto software program now. In particular, we’re hearing about OxygenOS 13.

2022-08-03T15: 00: 53.325Z

OnePlus is transferring onto make now, yet another thing all of us learn about (it looks very an honest like the OnePlus 10 Expert).

(Describe credit score: OnePlus)It has a unibody make, so the camera bump will not be a separate portion – it upright extends from the rear.

There are two colour versions, black and lightweight inexperienced, and the black one has a grippable texture.

2022-08-03T14: 54: 00.586Z

(Describe credit score: OnePlus)The above are camera samples taken on OnePlus phones thru the years (not on the 10T).

The cameras on this phone are a 50MP notable, 8MP ultra-wide and… some extra macro lens, the latter doesn’t sound mountainous.

2022-08-03T14: 51: 25.508Z

They’ve confirmed the direct specs, which we did not know (other than that transient dawdle earlier).

It be a 6.7-scoot FHD+ 120Hz show that reveals over a billion colors however has a rather small max brightness of 950nits.

Next, we’re transferring onto the cameras.

2022-08-03T14: 48: 38.708Z

That is rather a technical launch and it be not all thrilling or attention-grabbing.

But our US Editor in Chief is appreciating the surround-video relate OnePlus has occurring, which presumably makes the in-particular person tournament extra attention-grabbing.

The wraparound show work is A+ #OnePlus10T 3, 2022

Look extra

2022-08-03T14: 44: 28.944Z

We’re furthermore hearing about OnePlus’ gorgeous charging, which makes exhaust of AI to adapt to your charging schedule –  a couple of other brands occupy an identical things, love Google for its Pixels.

The phone can adapt to climate temperature and your schedule to sensible how rapidly the phone is powering up.

2022-08-03T14: 40: 07.508Z

OnePlus educated all people sooner than the tournament that the phone will occupy a 4,800mAh battery and 150W charging, and it be discussing that in extra ingredient appropriate now.

2022-08-03T14: 38: 02.762Z

With all this discuss of processing, let’s witness if OnePlus decides to discuss about its controversial processing throttling practices that we seen in 2021…

Oh, no, we occupy moved onto charging as an different.

2022-08-03T14: 35: 11.772Z

They’re talking a cramped extra about gaming – clearly performance is a cramped portion of the OnePlus 10T.

But if they’re spending this prolonged to chat about the processing hotfoot – undergo in mind that we’re already 30m into the conference – what are they going to stint over? Cameras? We suppose it be cameras.

2022-08-03T14: 31: 17.591Z

OnePlus is announcing that, in the occasion you take care of the 16GB RAM model of the 10T, it’s going to retain 30 apps launch without lengthen…?

I’m not determined about you, however I develop not suppose I in the end occupy 35 apps on my phone, so that looks pretty crude. But hiya, there could perhaps perhaps be one or two of you out there who leap between this many apps at any point, so perhaps it be commended.

2022-08-03T14: 29: 35.826Z

It looks OnePlus has designed a case that retains the phone chilly:

(Describe credit score: OnePlus)Having a sight at those gaps and vents, it sounds love this could perhaps perhaps be pretty… cooling? I develop not in the end know the method it works, to be honest, however it looks attention-grabbing.

But will this retain the phone cooler than simply doing away with the case would? We will occupy to perceive.

2022-08-03T14: 25: 49.076Z

A relate we uncover with Snapdragon 8-series chipsets is that they web super scorching extremely like a flash when gaming, and that is something OnePlus is addressing appropriate now.

It looks the OnePlus 10T has improved cooling programs to close chilly, which curiously took 18 months to make. It be all a cramped technical, however the gist is that this: the OnePlus 10T mustn’t web too toasty.

2022-08-03T14: 22: 30.224Z

Now we’re getting some humdrum stats on how the Snapdragon 8 Plus Gen 1 is improved over… something. Seemingly the 8 Gen 1, possibly the 888 Plus, it be not determined.

Either contrivance, here is all sound bites love “20% sooner” or “15% sooner”, however this doesn’t essentially contrivance it’s going to occupy to in the end feel assorted for your hand – that’s something we will totally have the capacity to in the end feel at some stage in sorting out, so rely on our overview for that.

2022-08-03T14: 20: 45.925Z

(Describe credit score: OnePlus)OnePlus has wasted no time in sharing on the whole all the specs of its current phone – admittedly it did direct off most of this ahead of time.

There are some things missing – camera sensors for one, and make specs for another – however it be a fairly successfully-rounded record.

2022-08-03T14: 17: 32.274Z

Now we’re seeing a video that OnePlus shared on its YouTube channel days ago, about the history of most up-to-date facets that OnePlus phones occupy brought.

It be here (opens in current tab)in the occasion that it is advisable to take care of to perceive it, called “rapidly and restful”.

2022-08-03T14: 13: 56.129Z

“We hear you loud and determined”

OnePlus has addressed criticism from fans that it be misplaced its contrivance pretty bit, and that is absolutely something we occupy seen fans of the designate complaining about. Optimistically the OnePlus 10T will address that.

2022-08-03T14: 11: 42.198Z

(Describe credit score: OnePlus)Oh perceive, it be us! (learn: it be me!).

2022-08-03T14: 09: 00.014Z

And it be lastly started! TheCEO of OnePlus The us is on stage

(Describe credit score: OnePlus)The company’s overall CEO, Pete Lau, will not be attending, however a pre-recorded message from him is broadcasting about OnePlus’ worldwide neighborhood.

2022-08-03T14: 04: 57.934Z

Weirdly, the tournament hasn’t started yet – it sounds as if the organisers are like a flash grabbing extra chairs for the bodily attendees.

2022-08-03T13: 58: 01.221Z

Right here’s a ogle of internal the conference heart itself – in the occasion you’re looking out at the accelerate, it looks rather small, however because it turns out it be remarkable bigger.

I create admire this venue #OnePlus10T 3, 2022

Look extra

2022-08-03T13: 54: 03.281Z

We’re furthermore seeing photos of parents filing into a conference hall to perceive the launch – here is in Fresh York City, where OnePlus is cyber web hosting a bodily launch.

Let’s witness if we’re going to have the capacity to residence US Editor in Chief Lance, who’s at the tournament in particular person.

2022-08-03T13: 48: 48.868Z

And we occupy begun! Form of

(Describe credit score: OnePlus)The live accelerate video has begun, though the tournament itself hasn’t. We’re upright seeing the above logo with some repetitive music for now.

But in the occasion you’re hurriedly making a drink or snacks sooner than the tournament, perhaps this beat will permit you to retain the hotfoot.

2022-08-03T13: 21: 13.321Z

The OnePlus 10T live accelerate has… totally 400 folks in it.

Decided, the tournament hasn’t kicked off yet, however we’re frail to seeing thousands viewing streams even this some distance upfront. So perhaps there’s much less of an passion in the 10T than we expected…

2022-08-03T13: 06: 53.987Z

There’s an hour left till the launch, so we’re hoping OnePlus’ live accelerate will initiate rapidly.

2022-08-03T11: 58: 38.521Z

This year we occupy furthermore seen a couple of OnePlus Nord phones: the Nord 2T, the Nord CE 2 and the Nord CE 2 Lite.

These are all pretty sensible phones, especially by the standards of the 10 Expert, designed for folks who settle on one or two top-close facets however without paying a excessive impress.

In China, the OnePlus Ace launched, however that failed to lunge away the nation.

2022-08-03T11: 37: 09.059Z

(Describe credit score: Future)The OnePlus 10 Expert is one among our favourite phones of 2022 up to now, so the 10T has big boots to occupy a examine – though it doesn’t sound love it be attempting to emulate its older sibling. Rather it sounds love it be attempting to supply an different model of it.

For that reason there’s no zoom camera, a reputedly flat-edge direct and a smaller battery – it be about hotfoot on this current phone, in phrases of charging and performance.

2022-08-03T10: 57: 28.730Z

The battery and charging data has already been confirmed too, and we are looking forward to about that’s something that might be a big plan to the draw.

The strength pack is 4,800mAh, which is honest big, however the take into consideration-catching spec here is the 150W charging.

That will not be the first phone with powering speeds this rapidly, however we absolutely have not seen one that powers sooner upright yet, and we’re going to have the capacity to search info from to perceive the phone lunge from empty to fleshy in decrease than 20 minutes.

OnePlus will absolutely lunge into extra ingredient on this at the launch.

2022-08-03T10: 28: 16.213Z

(Describe credit score: Future)Another thing that OnePlus has confirmed is the absence of an alert slider, a preferred operate of the company’s phones – that it is advisable to also witness it on the edge of the OnePlus 10 Expert in the above photo.

An alert slider is for simply flicking between quiet, vibrate or fleshy quantity modes for notifications without having to launch your phone. That that it is advisable to perhaps simply turn it onto quiet if you travel into a assembly, or deactivate it if you travel out, without spending ages in menus.

As we said, it be a preferred OnePlus operate, and fans are already upset at its disposing of.

2022-08-03T10: 04: 06.013Z

Another part of camera data all of us learn about the OnePlus 10T is that it might most likely perhaps perhaps not operate the Hasselblad branding that previous OnePlus phones occupy.

This branding boasted that legacy camera designate Hasselblad had contributed to a couple of of the camera hardware and software program for the phone, and in the 10 Expert, it manifested as a couple of current camera modes and AI tweakery on the long-established photo mode.

It be not determined if the lack of the branding contrivance these modes could perhaps perhaps not reappear, or if it be simply the marketing part that’s modified, and OnePlus seemingly could perhaps perhaps not discuss about this on stage. We will occupy to test the phone ourselves to perceive.

2022-08-03T09: 37: 02.534Z

The OnePlus 10T live accelerate has kicked off on YouTube, and that it is advisable to perhaps witness it here (opens in current tab).

This doesn’t mean there’s in the end a video taking part in appropriate now – it be upright a premiere, with the staunch video scheduled to initiate 15 minutes sooner than the tournament begins.

2022-08-03T09: 08: 26.544Z

Another thing that OnePlus has confirmed is that the 10T will web the Sony IMX766 sensor for its notable camera. That is a 50MP snapper that we occupy seen frail pretty a cramped in cheap phones over the remaining few months.

If truth be told, we occupy tested it widely attributable to phones love the Realme 9 Expert Plus and Nothing Phone (1). We occupy now found it very appropriate for low-gentle imagery, at the least when put next with other sensors we witness frail in budget mobiles.

(Describe credit score: Future)Listed below are some photos that we took on the Realme phone, to present an instance of the method it performs at night.

While the sensor stands out from the crowd for low-gentle photography, its performance will not be as spectacular in successfully-lit stipulations. It be not unfriendly, it upright doesn’t stand out from the opponents as remarkable.

We will occupy to hear about the OnePlus 10T’s other cameras sooner than we accept as true with judgements on its photography prowess though.

2022-08-03T08: 42: 28.147Z

(Describe credit score: OnePlus)OnePlus hasn’t in the end been stupefied with data about the phone.

Right here’s one big instance – it be the phone in inexperienced and black (an picture that OnePlus shared successfully upfront of the one at the top of this text). 

That is what let us know that the phone seemed love the OnePlus 10 Expert, and had three cameras too.

2022-08-03T08: 10: 23.513Z

One thing that’s attention-grabbing is that OnePlus had two launches this day.

One became as soon as obviously the OnePlus 10T launch – that’s what you’re here for, presumably – however the other became as soon as a Chinese-totally one for the OnePlus Ace Expert.

Nevertheless this 2d launch tournament has been cancelled at the remaining minute, and it be not pretty determined why. What’s doubly unfamiliar is that this cancellation passed off the day after Motorola called off a an identical China-totally tournament.

So what’s occurring? We don’t know – however the OnePlus 10T launch is quiet occurring.

2022-08-03T07: 32: 34.672Z

It be OnePlus 10T launch live blog time at TechRadar, and we’re getting the engine working for another launch tournament – there are quiet hours to cross sooner than OnePlus’ live accelerate starts though, so there’s no occupy to warm up your popcorn upright yet.