Ripple’s XRP stamp ever since lost positions above $0.55 during the May crash and has severely remained drained beneath waters since then. The asset does no longer appear to have made any attempts to regain the bullish momentum and lay down a sturdy uptrend. Nevertheless, latest data presentations, that the volatility is about to peak at the earliest which may uplift the XRP stamp very soon. 

Data attach up by a popular on-chain analysis platform Santiment enlighted the crypto space with large XRP token movements in latest instances. As per the data, a large amount of dormant XRP tokens are been shifted. Among them had been several primary active wallets that moved their XRP wallet contents. 

A couple of analysts believed that as certainly one of the top XRP whales, its co-founder, Jed McCaleb finished with his selling, the asset may find some stability in its stamp. Quickly after he sold the last share of his holdings, dormant tokens had been on a circulate indicating large volatility incoming. The XRP whales or long-time frame holders becoming active now signals an XRP stamp rally approaching fast. 

On the other hand, Whale Alert, a platform that tracks unusual transfers in a sequence of Tweets reported extra than 375 million XRP tokens being moved in the past 48 hours. Among them, the single largest chunk of tokens belongs to an address with nearly 155 million tokens. Therefore, significant stamp action is believed to occur in the upcoming week, regardless of the direction. 

Hence, the Ripple(XRP) stamp may appear stagnant at command nonetheless may raise its volatility and intensity in the coming week. 

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