There can be no have confidence between hammer and rock —

Epic prequel series premieres on Amazon Video in September—and Sauron’s presence looms.

Sam Machkovech
– Jul 22, 2022 8: 19 pm UTC

Enlarge / Morfydd Clark is Galadriel in The Lord of the Rings: The Rings of Vitality.

Amazon Studios

With roughly six weeks to circulate before its premiere on Amazon Video, the upcoming Lord of the Rings prequel TV series, The Rings of Vitality, took advantage of a massive San Diego Amusing-Con stage to debut its most fascinating trailer but.

Based on notes and lore penned by J.R.R. Tolkien, the original TV series will revolve around his series’ “2d Age” era—as in, thousands of years before characters like Frodo and Sam existed. This week’s trailer begins to really residing the stage of epic battle between the recovered populations of males, dwarves, and elves, and a dreaded bad rising as soon as extra from Center-earth—which goes by “many names” but is clearly personified by Sauron.

“Have you heard of Sauron?”

An ominous hand appears.

“Outlook now not so correct.”

A dark imaginative and prescient of what’s to arrive back.

Ahead of the dismay begins, all is smartly within the Kingdom of Númenor.

Ship goes negate.

A dark sword emerges.

Prince Durin IV appears to figure as this series’ dwarf chieftain.

Ismael Cruz Córdova is Arondir—and he brings the elvish heat.

Also, he resists his orc oppressors.

Into battle.

The character of Galadriel, previously played by Cate Blanchett but now entrusted to Morfydd Clark (His Dark Materials), is the primary within the trailer to look a imaginative and prescient of a newly rising bad, while Prince Durin IV (played by Owain Arthur) is warned instantly that Sauron’s forces are planning to “bury us all beneath the mountain” (that being Khazad-dûm). We also finally search the original series’ previously teased “Stranger” character, played by Daniel Weyman, who accosts Theo, the son of Bronwyn, in a shared penitentiary cell and grimly asks, “Have you heard of Sauron?”

Although we aren’t getting a head-on look at a clear villain, a Sauron-like hand is considered in grasp scenes (along with one where many orc-like monsters bow in its wake), while a menacing sword, made of dark dirt and fireplace, generates interior Theo’s hand in a way that resembles the movie series’ Morgul-blade. All the while, a previously unseen search-shaped mark appears at some stage within the trailer, perhaps signifying the presence of Sauron or an equivalent bad. In addition to a number of zoomed-out, Tolkien-great battle sequences proven as mere blips, the trailer also displays extra than a few examples of the series’ adverse races allying in moments where their blended forces are vital to face a great bad.

Galadriel is clearly held up as the series’ protagonist at some stage within the trailer; in its opening beat, she observes a massive stack of expired elven helmets at the quit of a massive battle (perhaps from the quit of Tolkien’s First Age, or earlier within the 2d Age), and she additionally draws a sword and swims away from danger. Elvish hero Arondir gets a few key moments within the trailer, as smartly, to basically fake like your favorite arrow-slinging combatant from the original Peter Jackson trilogy—and indeed, right here is a trailer for war and danger, now not for the whimsy of the “harfoot” characters who attend as ancestors to the higher-identified race of hobbits. (To search extra of the original series’ harfoots, rewind one week to a extra solemn teaser trailer.)

LOTR: The Rings of Vitality SDCC trailer

In addition to today’s trailer, attendees at SDCC have been treated to now not one but four unusual clips from the series, each specializing in various protagonists. The dwarvish Prince Durin IV participates in a rock-smashing contest; the series’ leading harfoot duo come across and are nearly caught by a sound asleep giant; Arondir manages to defeat a number of orc captors while restrained in chains; and the leading elf duo of Galadriel and Elrond share a solemn conversational moment that, at least on this occasion’s context, can be considered as flirty.

These scene-particular trailers may now not make their way to YouTube ahead of the series’ launch, in which case we can all have to wait to look them till September 2, when the series begins to premiere, one episode per week, exclusively on Amazon Video. Value noting: our international readers will appreciate Amazon’s effort to simultaneously launch the series in “over 240 territories.”