Cryptocurrency and gaming be pleased frequent crossover parts, generally to the frustration of those taking into consideration honest getting on with taking part in stable games. On the assorted hand, every from time to time though any individual tries to force a connection in a mighty deeper components.

Usually that’s clearly copyright infringing NFTs love mistaken Pokémon cards, and from time to time it’s mighty worse. The Polium One console undoubtedly fits into the latter category. It’s some distance a crypto and Web3.0 focused recreation console that’s been launched to original mockery and confusion.

This is what it is and why it’s develop into a laughing stock so immediate.

Polium One Console
The Polium One (Nintendium due to value similarities) console became launched a pair of days within the past. It payments itself as the realm’s first Web3.0 gaming console, and ‘subsequent-gen’ Whatever that strategy from a field that the bulk closely resembled Ouya vogue micro-console. It’s some distance a crowdfunding marketing campaign disguised as a pre-enlighten machine, hoping to elevate money for a challenge that no-one wants. On top of that, it’s perhaps one which is never going to exist anyway.

Web3.0 has develop into an overused buzzword, it on the total refers to the increasing integration of blockchain technology with the comfort of the procure. In the context of a gaming console, that strategy having entry to crypto funds while gaming.

Hypothetically, that you can behold your stability of crypto as you’re taking part in rounds of a recreation! At the same time as you if fact be told desire that for some motive. Exterior of diverse ways to pay for issues, the succor of integration within the console isn’t if fact be told obvious.

The Polium One console became launched with a pre-enlighten machine hoped to elevate funds for the completion of the challenge. The final Web3.0 console thought apart, this became a disastrous level to. The challenge gave very tiny recordsdata on what it even became.

What’s the Polium One?
The Polium One Console is deliberate as a micro-console vogue instrument. It connects up with easy cables and comes with a controller resembling a Dualshock. The mockups show conceal it taking part in some NFT games, most of that are yet to if fact be told be launched. Although, it doesn’t seem to be pleased any confirmation of any games on hand at launch. It would additionally host a market for NFTs and a crypto pockets.

The console made some big guarantees, particularly that it became going to encompass the next capabilities:

4K Extremely HD
Ray tracing
120 FPS

A majority of these are ridiculous honest off the bat. TouchID for a launch is a technology that is proprietary to Apple and not a generic interval of time. (To the credit rating of whoever troubled uploading this, that has now been changed to the vague interval of time ‘scanner’). This became it sounds as if to prevent any individual who picked up your controller from spending cryptocurrency. Usually, an answer to a anguish that the Polium One alone created.

It’s one characteristic (a crypto button) necessitates more capabilities to cure the a mammoth desire of concerns it causes.

By components of specs and the strategy it’ll if fact be told coast, none of that is determined yet. Nothing became if fact be told said in regards to the console that goes to be manufactured or what exactly it is previous crypto gaming field.

Dodgy Roadmap
The challenge regarded to don’t be pleased anything else determined earlier than time. The specs aren’t determined yet, or anything else else about how it’ll if fact be told work. as an quite various, that will all be determined by ‘the crew’.

You are going to be generous and have interaction that is an try at a collaborative process with backers. On the assorted hand, given the unrealistically short instances given for construction, the more cynical option is that they honest couldn’t worry to deem up mistaken specs.

The challenge timeline for the Polium One sums up the slapdash attain to pitching the console.


Extra time is it sounds as if being spent on what they did earlier than unveiling the console than on if fact be told knowing what goes internal of a generic dusky field. This is terribly abominable given the low quality of what they produced to date.

They managed to promise tech they salvage not be pleased any components of turning in, failed to even attain up with an excuse for this console being wished, and stole a value. The final level may perhaps perhaps well smartly be one in every of perhaps the most weird and wonderful. The emblem for the challenge is de facto the enduring GameCube launch-up show conceal conceal. If it took this a protracted time to acquire this some distance, it doesn’t bode smartly for the closing challenge.

Funding and ‘Pre-Orders’
The Polium One looks love a recipe for a challenge that will never seem. The mock-united states of americaprovided are generic, no games are if fact be told discussed, and no onerous guarantees are made.

Even the vogue of crowdfunding the challenge is horribly sketchy. Somewhat than war thru any identified crowdfunding websites, they opted to straight sell pre-orders within the originate of NFTs. The Polium Pass may perhaps perhaps well additionally also be minted as an NFT. As soon as it’s launched, you will most certainly be in a plot to acquire the console totally free with the NFT. Platformers love Kickstarter supply a more valid components to fund something love this. On the assorted hand, it looks even those platforms that make few guarantees of supply from creators were too mighty for the Polium One.

Is Polium a Scam?
The absolute top assumption to draw from all of this is able to perhaps be that the Polium One is never going to raise on anything else. The makers can sell these NFTs. Then be pleased very tiny commitment to if fact be told try to perform what they began. You supplied an NFT, and the realm of NFT is filled with guarantees of ‘games’ and ‘metaverses’ and other Web3.0 capabilities that don’t acquire delivered. For every ApeFest or NFT recreation that will get actively supported, there are tons of of projects that sell an preliminary batch of NFT then plod away or shut down and plod away the tokens nugatory.

The discord crew for Polium for the time being has lower than a thousand members, and it’s onerous to say how pretty a pair of these are official customers. It’s easy sufficient to inquire of in merely to glimpse what level of mess for an imaginary console exists internal. The subreddit has two members.

The Polium One undoubtedly feels love a rip-off. No longer lower than it became a exquisite lively rip-off in how brazen guarantees are. As a minimum, the console looks some distance too courageous in various ways and vague in others to if fact be told raise a challenge that pleases customers. This perhaps acquired’t be the final time any individual tries to add a crypto button to a slouch-in-and-play games console though.