Disco Elysium’s newest update makes the game extra accessible
Disco Elysium is certainly one of my favorite games of all time. I esteem recommending it to anyone who will pay attention, however something I forget is suitable how text-heavy that game is. I’m an avid reader, however for others, the game’s script, which clocks in at over a million words, can be fairly intimidating. The fair news is, though, that the developers at ZA/UM are effectively aware of this fact, and have made a bunch of great changes since the game has arrive out to lend a hand make the game accessible to as huge of an audience as that you can assume of. Disco Elysium: The Final Prick launched a absolutely-voiced experience, however the newest addition is yesterday’s free update that added dyslexia-friendly fonts.

The font customary for many languages is called OpenDyslexic, which was designed to mitigate general reading mistakes that those with dyslexia can make. The great factor is that the font’s creators made it inaugurate source, so that anyone can use it if wanted.

In Disco Elysium specifically, OpenDyslexic is customary for the English, French, German, Spanish, Portuguese-Brazilian, and Polish variations of the game. Other languages have also been accounted for — the Korean version uses a font called Nanum Square Round, whereas the Russian version uses Adys.

ZA/UM also stated that they’re composed investigating alternate suggestions for both traditional and simplified Chinese language.

The devs shared their ideas in Steam blog post that announced the update: “It’s important, especially for a game with over a million words, that we continue to make improvements to be certain that all americans can have the utterly user experience for the duration of their time in Revachol.”

It’s great to gawk but another studio taking down as many barriers to entry as they can — it sounds just like the games space is utterly changing into a extra thoughtful and considerate space (for essentially the most part).

The dyslexia-friendly font update is available to download now, wherever you can play Disco Elysium.