The AMD Radeon RX 6900 XT has been an interesting GPU this generation. It’s each and each much less dear than the competing Nvidia GeForce RTX 3090—and in most cases quicker, too. It’s now been refreshed with the RX 6950 XT, a behind entrant into the tumultuous GPU market. Nvidia has also done its share with the GeForce RTX 3090 Ti, which brings impressive performance, albeit with a excessive fee and vitality map at 450W TDP.  

With the distinctive RTX 3090 mark now no longer too lengthy ago lowering a little, it makes for an interesting comparability against the newer AMD RX 6950 XT. The RTX 3090 Ti offers extra performance, nevertheless is enormously begin air of the fee bracket of the RX 6950 XT. Is that this AMD refresh sufficient to push performance for AMD earlier than Nvidia, even in the shadowy waters of ray tracing? More importantly, does it transfer the needle for excessive-quit gamers sufficient for them to vary their allegiance from Nvidia to AMD? Let’s uncover!

Sapphire RX 6950XT

Brad Chacos

Nvidia RTX 3090 vs. AMD 6950XT: Designate

Relax. You can without divulge in finding each and each GPUs in stock now at most stores, and in most cases at shut to MSRP. The GPU market has experienced a serious downturn all the procedure in which thru the final several months, with costs quick shedding from their stratospheric stages. 

The AMD RX 6950XT is in the market in at a $1,099 MSRP for the reference model, and some third-celebration devices differ from $1,199 to $1,299. A modest bump from the $999 6900XT pricing—nevertheless it doesn’t point out they’re a gigantic deal. With the declining GPU market and murmurs of the next-generation GPUs coming out this year, it has enormously dampened search records from and enthusiasm for this stage of GPU. 

The Nvidia RTX 3090 has also experienced unparalleled lower search records from, ensuing in quick falling pricing. Whereas you’re quiet now no longer liable to search out a $1,499 Founders Version at MSRP, most devices a lot like these from the EVGA RTX 3090 lineup hang experienced a serious mark fall, coming in as little as $1,609 for the Murky series. (The 3090 Ti debuted at $1,999, a monumental prolong over the RTX 3090—and it’s already being discounted at many stores, too) 

The pricing on the feeble market is even lower, nevertheless, with RTX 3090s dipping shut to the $1,200 label in many cases. 

Neither model is a gigantic mark-to-performance resolution this behind into the free up cycle, nevertheless. Most excessive-quit gamers who don’t hang a high-tier GPU is on the entire greatest served by searching ahead to the next generation this year.

The AMD RX 6950 XT is in truth the most up to the moment to take a look at its mettle against Nvidia.

Thiago Trevisan

Nvidia RTX 3090 vs. AMD 6950XT: Performance

AMD absolutely threw in a stunning performance with the distinctive 6900 XT—it modified into in a spot to compare or beat the RTX 3090 particularly games and scenarios. Has the RX 6950 XT eventually crossed the Rubicon in all performance areas? No longer reasonably. When it involves ray tracing performance, the RTX 3090 is quiet out ahead. (Take a look at out Brad Chacos’ evaluate for a deeper dive on the novel AMD refreshes.)

Thiago Trevisan

In games a lot like See Canines Legion with susceptible rasterization, we’re going to be in a position to see the AMD RX 6950 XT performing as correctly or better than the RTX 3090 (particularly at lower resolutions). This trend continues in completely different games a lot like Horizon Zero Spoil of day, the attach it’s in a spot to address up with the RTX 3090. Game after sport, each and each GPUs commerce blows and are highly aggressive with each and each completely different. 

Each GPUs hang celebration tricks up their sleeves for performance, too. AMD has Orderly Procure admission to Memory that can enhance performance when coupled with a Ryzen CPU, along with Radeon Orderly Resolution. This can give it notable boosts in many games, besting the RTX 3090 in some cases, as shown under in Horizon Zero Spoil of day. Nvidia also has DLSS abilities that does wonders for defending graphical fidelity and excessive frames simultaneously—which is a gamer changer when paired with ray tracing.

AMD RSR AdvantagesThiago Trevisan

What happens as soon as we introduce ray tracing? That’s the attach Nvidia’s RTX 3090 quiet holds an advantage over AMD. The 6950 XT doesn’t hang upgraded ray tracing hardware as compared to the 6900 XT, defending it in the lend a hand of the Nvidia RTX GPUs in this case. 

It can even be argued that there are diminishing returns for ray tracing visuals and performance, with reasonably a few results. The abilities places insane stress on performance, lowering frame rates enormously till you claw some lend a hand with the abet of an upscaling abilities address DLSS or AMD’s FSR. The visible impact doesn’t repeatedly impact shedding that performance indispensable, either. However in phrases of the “halo” GPUs address these, ray tracing may per chance even be share of the motive you get a excessive-quit GPU in the foremost spot; you favor to flip all of the look for sweet up to Extremely, including ray tracing. Paired with Nvidia’s DLSS, the performance penalty may per chance even be mitigated, and the visuals loved fully.

Here is one monumental perfect thing in regards to the RTX 3090 versus the newer 6950 XT—maximum performance and visuals topic when you’re spending come over $1,000 for a GPU. AMD’s ray tracing hardware is a generation in the lend a hand of Nvidia’s implementation, while its DLSS rival, FSR 2.0, is gigantic nevertheless quiet in its infancy, with handiest a handful of games supporting the fledgling abilities at this level. Which implies ray tracing is greatest experienced at 1440p resolution on the 6950 XT, while you can on the entire crank ray traced games even at 4K on the 3090. If you’re now no longer attracted to ray tracing nevertheless, the 6950 XT is a mighty beautiful resolution for enormously much less fee. 

Let’s now no longer put out of your mind that the RTX 3090 is correctly better geared in direction of philosophize advent and completely different workstation exercise cases, as correctly. With a whopping 24GB of GDDR6x VRAM, this would handily beat the 16GB RX 6950 XT in most philosophize advent tasks. The 3080 Ti may per chance be a extra cheap competitor to the 6950 XT in this case as a pure gaming solution. 

Nvidia RTX 3090 vs. AMD 6950 XT: Vitality and reasonably a lot of issues to know

The RTX 3090 packs a TDP of 350W, with many third-celebration devices eclipsing 400W. The RX 6950 XT is in the market in a 335W TDP, which is reasonable for the performance that it places out. Take observe of, the 3090 Ti is already up to 450W TDP—so subsequent-generation choices will doubtless trip up enormously in requirements. 

You’ll favor a minimal of a 750W vitality offer for each and each, nevertheless we’d counsel you up that even increased for future proofing—as excessive-quality vitality supplies are inclined to final a truly lengthy time. 

You’ll want a case with genuine airflow for each and each these strategies, and better clearance than lesser GPUs require. (They’re in total wrapped in a nice, thick, tubby air coolers to address their temperatures in test.) 

Which is the simpler option for water cooling? We’d argue that the RTX 3090 is, because it doubtless can hang a unparalleled broader differ of water blocks in the market in the marketplace. Plus, with its steaming-hot VRAM, it in total advantages extra from taking a deep swim versus the in most cases cooler RX 6950 XT.

So, is the 6950 XT sufficient to greatest the RTX 3090?

The 6950 XT is a pretty extra mighty addition to the excessive-quit AMD lineup, striking up an excellent performance versus the RTX 3090. It’s easy: If you’re playing at increased resolutions and favor to make exercise of ray tracing, Nvidia quiet holds an advantage here. DLSS and the Nvidia encoders are also gigantic applied sciences that relieve folk correctly. 

If you’re after pure frame fee goodness—without as unparalleled ray tracing, the 6950 XT may per chance even be in total a seriously better resolution than the RTX 3090, particularly in sub-4K resolutions. AMD offers gigantic applied sciences a lot like FSR, Orderly Procure admission to Memory to in actuality up the performance too. 

So, who wins? Sadly, the 6950 XT is in the market in too behind in the free up cycle to be relevant in the declining GPU market, making it an costly option. The aging RTX 3090 is a the same memoir. Its excessive mark modified into in no procedure a genuinely genuine option for purely gaming—making better exercise for hybrid philosophize creators/gamers as an different. The RTX 3090 Ti is to take into accounta good worse fee proposition this behind into the memoir, making it handiest relevant for a few excessive-quit enthusiasts who don’t mind the fee set apart. 

3090 Ti: The logo for diminishing returns in an ever changing market. Gorgeous, nevertheless unsuitable!


The verdict: Here’s a genuine ole’ long-established standstill. We’d wait out the market a few months as each and each will journey even steeper declines in mark with the introduction of the next generation. Otherwise, if you genuinely should hang one now, the resolution will reach all of the manner down to ray tracing favor and backbone you’re playing at. Each GPUs will give you genuine, all-round performance for years to reach—nevertheless neither are a gigantic resolution simply now because the GPU market is changing this year. 

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