Kevin Liles has launched a petition on the web situation,, to call on followers to serve offer protection to Hip-hop and rap lyrics within the court of regulation. Up to now, the petition has reached 3,000 signatures.


Kevin Liles has launched a petition on rallying in opposition to the usage of rap lyrics as criminal confessions.

The petition, titled “Rap Tune on Trial: Defend Shadowy Art,” talked about how prosecutors possess tried to make command of hip-hop lyrics in court and possess efficiently susceptible hip-hop lyrics to derive a conviction. 

Meanwhile, rap lyrics are for the time being being susceptible in opposition to Young Thug, Gunna, and others from their YSL squad in a excessive-profile RICO case. 

“In the indictment, Fulton County prosecutors argue that lyrics fancy ‘ready for struggle fancy I’m Russia’ is a confession of criminal intent,” turn out to be written within the petition, urging customers to serve offer protection to Shadowy art work and the First Amendment, specifically for Shadowy artists. 

“Weaponizing inventive expression in opposition to artists is clearly unpleasant. But what gets us so upset is what’s occurring to Young Thug, Gunna, and YSL is correct basically the most excessive-profile case,” acknowledged Liles and Greenwald in a joint assertion. “In courtrooms across The US, Shadowy creativity and artistry is being criminalized. With increasing and troubling frequency, prosecutors strive to make command of rap lyrics as confessions, correct fancy they’re doing on this case.” 

The Baltimore-born yarn executive talked about that the state of Serene York passed a “Rap Tune on Trial” bill. The bill proposed a limit on the usage of song lyrics as evidence in court. 

“We’ve to step up, make stronger these efforts, and derive this bill across the attain line,” the assertion persisted. “We’ve to induce the instructed adoption of laws on the Federal and Command stage that would limit how prosecutors can command inventive and inventive expression as evidence in opposition to defendants in criminal trials. We hope that it and identical Payments will turn out to be regulation across The US to discontinue this attack on our First Amendment freedoms that disproportionately harms Shadowy and various minority artists.”

Up to now, the petition has 3,145 signatures out of 5,000.

On the early afternoon of June 2, Young Thug had his bond listening to sooner than a hold on the Fulton County court. Testimony turn out to be given by a stellar lineup of witnesses, including track executive Kevin Liles. He equipped a teary testimony wherein he confronted the demand rap lyrics being susceptible in correct cases to convict artists.

With tearful eyes, legendary track executive Kevin Liles testified to why Thug can also serene be free on bond at a Fulton County courthouse. 

Young Thug’s lawyer, Brian Steel, known as on Liles to give testimony to the rapper’s personality, actual title Jeffrey Williams. Liles took the stand wearing a grey bolt neatly with and proceeded to talk as his eyes welled up with tears.

Kevin Liles

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