Unclonable Polymers and Their Cryptographic Functions

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Paper 2022/658
Unclonable Polymers and Their Cryptographic Functions

Ghada Almashaqbeh, College of Connecticut

Ran Canetti, Boston College

Yaniv Erlich, Eleven Therapeutics and IDC Herzliya

Jonathan Gershoni, Tel Aviv College

Tal Malkin, Columbia College

Itsik Pe’er, Columbia College

Anna Roitburd-Berman, Tel Aviv College

Eran Tromer, Columbia College, Tel Aviv College

We point out a mechanism for producing and manipulating protein polymers to scheme a brand unique form of consumable storage that displays titillating cryptographic “self-destruct” properties, assuming the hardness of positive polymer-sequencing considerations.
To demonstrate the cryptographic doable of this know-how, we first form a formalism that captures (in a minimalistic blueprint) the performance and security properties supplied by the know-how. Next, using this know-how, we originate and point out security of two cryptographic functions that are currently available within the market most efficient by technique of depended on hardware that implements logical circuitry (either classical or quantum). The first application is a password-managed genuine vault where the kept records is irrecoverably erased as soon as a threshold of unsuccessful get entry to makes an are attempting is reached. The 2d is (a reasonably relaxed model of) one-time functions, particularly a tool that enables evaluating a secret characteristic most efficient a small selection of times sooner than self-destructing, where every review is made on a novel user-chosen enter.
Within the waste, whereas our constructions, modeling, and prognosis are designed to do away with the proposed polymer-basically based totally mostly know-how, they’re sufficiently frequent to be of doable self sustaining interest.


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