What intellectual came about? A latest AMD teach engine drivers patch added support for Displayport 2.0’s Extremely Excessive Bit Rate (UHBR) transmission modes. The characteristic will enable a most bandwidth of 80 Gbit/s, which, coupled with DSC, wants to be sufficient for most shows launched within the following few years.

Even supposing we’re restful a couple of months some distance off from the launch of AMD’s next-gen GPUs, the corporate is laborious at work constructing the instrument that will assemble these playing cards work neatly.

A latest patch confirms that GPUs in keeping with the RDNA3 architecture will support DisplayPort 2.0 and might be in a position to the superb UHBR20 transmission mode. If broken-down with a succesful cable and monitor, that could well enable for a most bandwidth of 80 Gbit/s.

Appears to be like to be like fancy RDNA3 supports the fat DisplayPort 2.0 spec (UHBR20) ‘

— Kepler (@Kepler_L2) Might per chance 26, 2022

In March, the Video Electronics Requirements Affiliation (VESA) started its DP 2.0 certification program. There are already a couple of cables which might be UHBR20 licensed, even though they’re exiguous to 0.8m. As DP 2.0 leverages the Thunderbolt 3 physical interface layer, passive cables part the the same size boundaries when the expend of the superb transfer speeds. This trouble might also be solved with more pricey active cabling.

If AMD’s upcoming GPUs support UHBR20, they wants to come up with the option to output HDR video with a resolution of 4K at 240 Hz or 8K at 60Hz without even the expend of DSC. With DSC, which VESA claims is visually lossless and might also compress an files circulate by a 3:1 ratio, that you would be able to well well power an 8K 144Hz HDR show cloak thru a single cable.

Unnecessary to reveal, there is also the hassle of now not having any DP 2.0-succesful monitors. These received delayed plenty of times, however they’re optimistically going to launch soon, brooding about we nearly occupy host gadgets supporting the customary on the market.