RB.44 is a SINGLE model constructed solely from Air Jordan III’s. Its construction is TOE-UP and SOLE-to-SOLE. His Principal Color is WHITE (COMMON) and his Accent Color is COBALT (S TIER).

Survey RB.44’s net page here.

ABOUT BROOKLYN N/A (realizing to be one of Shu-Ki Fita’s founders)

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Brooklyn is one half of of the N/A Lab group solely in fee for with regards to all the pieces Shu-Ki Fita: the artwork, the trademarks, the supporting graphics, the rep space, the mythology, the calculations–all the pieces.

Brooklyn N/A brings his provocative type to the digital and physical artwork created for the challenge. He graduated with a Legislation level and Sommelier diploma earlier than working as VP in a luxurious fabricate/fabricate firm for 8 years.


Shu-Ki Fita is an NFT challenge centered round Shoe-Machine Opponents.

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Shoe-Machines, or “Shu-Ki’s” as they’re known as, are 1-of-1 NFTs, digitally manufactured by a single artist, who makes pronounce of Air Jordans to type Mecha robots.

64 Shu Ki’s personal entered into our galaxy thru NFT blockchain technology. These robots in the intervening time are blueprint to manufacture battle in a March Madness-type match MACHINE MADNESS 2022!

Within the upcoming weeks we can proceed introducing a recent Shu-Ki each day. All 64 of these colossal mech NFTs will become on hand for you to possess and rep thru OpenSea marketplace at the commencement of the match.

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So establish tuned for more fighter debuts; info about easy how you might perhaps perchance well be ready to rep and become enthusiastic; news about physical artwork prizes; and terabytes more of the Shu-Ki Fita universe.

And in the duration in-between strive and the gallery of physical artwork that holders will rep.

Welcome to Shu-Ki Fita. Are you ready to step into battle with us?

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