FY.95 is a HYBRID model constructed with Air Jordan XXXV’s, Air Jordan XVII’s, Air Jordan XII’s, and Air Jordan V’s. Its construction is TOE-UP and SOLE-to-SOLE. His Significant Color is WHITE (COMMON) and his Accent Color is RED (COMMON).

Watch FY.95’s internet page right here.


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Each and each Shu-Ki equipped has a dedicated URL that lists the following:

• Shu-Ki’s name

• Its POWER (RARITY) RANKING ranking (out of 2300)



• Its QUANTUM STAMP (uncommon attribute signature)

• Its “TEAM” TREE (showing all its colorways)

• The Shu-Ki’s valuable details itemizing its attributes with respective rarity rankings

• A custom SCROLL containing the Shu-Ki’s QR Code

• Its colors and respective rarities

• Its shoe-form(s) and respective rarities

• Its tournament historic previous

• Its series of Badges/Achievements


Shu-Ki Fita is an NFT project centered around Shoe-Machine Fighters.

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Shoe-Machines, or “Shu-Ki’s” as they’re referred to as, are 1-of-1 NFTs, digitally manufactured by a single artist, who makes suppose of Air Jordans to rep Mecha robots.

64 Shu Ki’s hold entered into our galaxy by means of NFT blockchain skills. These robots for the time being are residing to provide battle in a March Madness-sort tournament MACHINE MADNESS 2022!

In the upcoming weeks we are in a position to proceed introducing a brand original Shu-Ki day-after-day. All 64 of these ample mech NFTs will turn into on hand for you to enjoy and assemble by means of OpenSea marketplace on the graduation of the tournament.

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So care for tuned for more fighter debuts; data about how to assemble and switch into sharp; details about physical art prizes; and terabytes more of the Shu-Ki Fita universe.

And for the time being verify out and the gallery of physical art that holders will acquire.

Welcome to Shu-Ki Fita. Are you ready to step into battle with us?

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