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Steam Deck house owners who want to install Dwelling windows 11 on the portable, rather than running with SteamOS, will no doubt be pleased to hear that Valve has fixed one of the major problems with going this route – namely the audio side of the equation.

As we’ve seen with many complaints from of us adopting Microsoft’s OS on Valve’s compact gaming PC, there has been an situation with sound drivers which means that with Dwelling windows 11, you don’t gather audio – now not unless you utilize Bluetooth speakers (or a USB-C headset).

Nonetheless now, Valve has supplied Dwelling windows audio drivers (two of them) which treatment the deliver, so that you’ll now gather sound via the Deck’s built-in speakers (otherwise you can use headphones with the audio jack, rather than relying on a Bluetooth pair).

Instructions are supplied along with the drivers on Valve’s Dwelling windows sources page, and mark that there’s an APU driver right here which you want to install first to gather audio red meat up working.

Analysis: A step within the suitable path – however it’s accurate one stepIt’s clearly legal to search that Valve is now not accurate pushing forward with work on the Steam Deck as-is – doing a lot of tinkering to add valuable features adore the now not too prolonged ago applied per-game performance settings – however also brooding about folks that may perhaps want to take an alternative route adore installing Dwelling windows 11 on the handheld (and even Dwelling windows 10 for that matter).

That said, in case you’re mulling over sticking Dwelling windows on the Steam Deck, even with one of the rougher edges now smoothed out within the form of audio drivers, it’s level-headed a rather suspect proposition to install Microsoft’s OS on the portable gaming PC.

Why? For starters, it’s level-headed within the very early stages of fashion, with Dwelling windows red meat up simplest having officially arrived for the Steam Deck a few weeks ago – so there will no doubt level-headed be driver and different technical factors floating around (indeed, it’s attainable that these newly released audio drivers may perhaps level-headed be glitchy for some).

Plus as we’ve pointed out before, SteamOS is reason-built for a slick and streamlined skills with the Deck, however in case you mission into Dwelling windows territory, that’ll be a very different matter. Furthermore, installing Dwelling windows on the Steam Deck is now not a trivial exercise for the much less tech-savvy – however in case you achieve want to present it a whirl, we’ve received a elephantine handbook on how one can install Dwelling windows 10 and 11 on a Steam Deck.

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