The smartphone reseller SellCell has launched a new report tracking the value depreciation of the leading phone fashions on the market, which sees Apple’s iPhone 13 draw out on top by a critical margin.

SellCell’s report compares a unfold of fashions of the iPhone 13 (including the Mini, Professional, and Professional Max editions) to Google’s Pixel 6/Professional and Samsung’s Galaxy S22, S22+, and S22 Ultra. Its methodology involved the analysis of gross sales records for every smartphone differ, considering the regular alternate-in value basically based fully on devices in both “upright” and “enjoy-new” conditions.

It learned that the iPhone 13 line has lost fairly itsy-bitsy value two months after its inaugurate, with extinct phones going for between 9.3% to 31.2% now not up to new. By comparison, a extinct, two-month-extinct Pixel 6 would possibly well per chance saunter for 34% to 48% much less over new, whereas Galaxy S22s trot throughout the 50% stamp below an identical conditions.

In SellCell’s survey, the general winner for Apple is the iPhone 13 Professional Max, which lost as itsy-bitsy as 3.8% of its value two months after inaugurate, assuming the unit’s in enjoy-new condition. Diverse different fashions also fluctuate fairly in designate over the direction of their first two months, with devices enjoy the 13 Mini beginning to enhance some value over the direction of the second month.

For Samsung, the Galaxy S22+ 5G 128GB mannequin is its fastest money-loser, even supposing many of the Galaxy S22 fashions appear to be hovering round a 50% depreciation price. The relative exception is the S22 Ultra 5G 128GB mannequin, which “only” goes for 44% much less 2 months out.

Supply: SellCell
The default Pixel 6 128 GB from Google appears to be like to age better than its more dear counterparts, with a 2-month-extinct mannequin in decent form only losing 34.9% value. The 6 Professional, on the other hand, sits at 47.9% reduction below the identical conditions.

Resellers tune phones’ value depreciation according to a wide selection of things. Original equipment manufacturers (OEM) usually calculate their opening designate for a new mannequin of smartphone in say to juice the early adopters for as worthy as that you just would possibly well well per chance per chance imagine; more hype components a more initially dear phone. As that hype dies down, the phone becomes commensurately more cost-effective over time and its resale designate drops accordingly.

Other components that play a function in value depreciation include the inaugurate of new phones from the identical OEM, the inaugurate of competitors’ fashions, the free up of new system and OS updates, and bodily wear and lunge on an individual instrument.

It’s been an article of religion among resellers for years that Android phones lose value so much faster than iPhones ever conclude. Whereas smartphone value depreciation is an inexact science, right here is largely theorized to draw all of the plot in which down to toughen and present.

Apple only releases new phones once a year and helps the extinct fashions for up to six years after inaugurate. Android phones, by comparison, can free up new fashions as out of the blue as every few months, don’t present anyplace draw as long a tail of toughen for extinct devices, and beget inaugurate-offer operating programs that are a itsy-bitsy more honest for malicious actors.

While you’re the kind of user for whom a phone’s resale value performs any function in any plot in your adoption decisions, the iPhone has been the evident determination right here for years. That appears to be like to be a fashion that’s repeating in the new generation of mainstream smartphones.

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