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On Wednesday, March 2nd Epic Video games launched its dangle of Bandcamp and sent ripples of shock and confusion in the course of the gaming and music industries. In statements released by both corporations, Epic and Bandcamp acknowledged that they “…part a mission of building the most artist-pleasant platform that lets in creators to deal with the majority of their laborious-earned money. Bandcamp will play the important role in Epic’s vision to manufacture out a creator market ecosystem for utter, technology, video games, artwork, music and extra.” 

Ethan Diamond, CEO and cofounder of Bandcamp, explained that his firm will continue to operate as an independent neighborhood however will most seemingly be using the property that Epic can provide to lift extra advantages to artists, labels, and fans who exercise the platform.

The determined connection between the Epic and Bandcamp crossover is in Fortnite’s virtual concert series. As the live music industry reacted to the pandemic, virtual live presentations possess turn out to be extra and extra popular. Artists love Travis Scott, J Balvin, and Ariana Grande all possess performed digitally in Fortnite, while Lil Nas X and Twenty One Pilots possess done the same in Roblox. In 2021, Fortnite launched the concert series Soundwave, which contemplating showcasing expansive non-American pop artists on a global scale. It affords these artists with a platform to attain fresh audiences while allowing Epic to are attempting hyper-explicit markets and demographics.

The acquisition changed into a surprising one, however will surely be seen as the first of many music partnerships as the industry makes aggressive moves against integration in the gaming space.

So what are the alternatives for music corporations as they create the pass into the metaverse?

Rising a curated ambiance

Creators aren’t little to audio-only releases or music movies. Undoubtedly one of the finest alternatives at play in immersive digital environments is the skill to carry out and deal with a watch on every element, from soundscape to artist interaction.

They can curate the valid emotional skills they intend for their viewers to possess. Is it the music of the summer season? Attach the listener in the passenger seat of a convertible driving via Santa Monica. A deeper, self-reflective part? Take the viewers on an intimate fling with the artist as they work via their feelings in the music. Having the skill to perfectly deal with a watch on the ambiance only deepens the fable. Listening events and album releases are continuously raising the bar, so here is a likelihood for artists who can’t placed on mega-performances to create the emotional affect audiences crave.

Gamifying fan interaction

As well to the hyper-stylized environments, these activations can incorporate interactive aspects. There could seemingly maybe additionally be inventive ways to gamify the skills of listening to a brand fresh artist’s open. The listener could seemingly maybe additionally be dropped into the instance environments above with the skill to pass, explore and work together straight away with the atmosphere. Presumably there are five items hidden spherical that, once stumbled on, unlock a hidden tune. Or by interacting in scenes or with objects, the listener could seemingly maybe well impact the fable and even have an effect on the music itself. By instilling a formulation of discovery and incorporating online sport-love Easter eggs, artists can straight away reward time do in by their most devoted fans. 

Having a glimpse forward: Leveraging artist partnerships

McDonald’s has already established musician partnerships with their artist-explicit meals (Travis Scott, BTS, J Balvin) and Fortnite already featured a performance from Ariana Grande as a part of their concert series. Now, imagine if accumulating those five hidden Easter egg items in a sport unlocks a McDonald’s strange tune by Ariana Grande. 

With its participant inferior of over 350 million registered gamers who can now request identical events, corporations love Fortnite possess rather just a few users and files to discount with. Nonetheless there needs to be a logical and strategic connection between brands and artist partnerships to steer determined of feeling overly company or inauthentic, in flip hurting reputations. If an insurance protection firm or paper towel brand reached out to Epic for a Fortnite partnership, it would feel fully incongruous with their present demographic. Failing to bewitch intentional inventive supreme thing about the platform’s irregular aspects will result in an overpriced and underperforming sponsorship marketing campaign.

The arrangement forward for music, gaming, and interactive digital environments is hastily transferring. Many are having a glimpse to tech and VR corporations to lead the manner into the metaverse while finding a capacity to trek in on their coattails. Nonetheless how does a brand no longer discover misplaced in the trudge? Authentic creativity, fair creative approaches, and major collaborations. Foster compelling work and partnerships and be the firm to blame for bringing these experiences to the public. Presumably then most other folks received’t mind inserting on a clunky VR headset, as a minimal for the time being.

Mike Burke is the director of operations at Made Music Studio and co-host of the podcast Press Any Key.


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