Tekashi69 instructed a Recent York mediate in March that he’s broke. His accountant produced receipts to point out it, asserting he’s in debt to his file note and his ranking price is “decrease than zero.”


On March 11, Tekashi69 requested that a NY mediate overturn his price of compensatory damages to plaintiffs Seketha Wonzer and Kevin Dozier for a botched theft. The theft took issue in 2018 when Tekashi69 and his crew attacked the pair. The crew attacked thinking the 2 publicists were associates of rival Rap-a-lot Records. On the time, 69 and his crew were in a effectively-publicized beef with the file note. 

Per Wonzer and Dozier, Tekashi69 changed into invited to file a podcast with 50 Cent collaborator DJ Thoro in NYC. Alternatively, they ended up being confronted by 6ix9ine’s crew. Tekashi admitted to his involvement within the theft, thus providing grounds for him being held civilly liable. Wonzer and Dozier demanded thousands and thousands in damages.

Tekashi’s lawyer requested the mediate to noticeably decrease the amount in damages Wonzer and Dozier are inquiring for. He argued that they failed to place their accidents or that Tekashi immediately precipitated the accidents.  

The court documents learn, “In response to the foregoing, Defendant requests that the Court docket (1) reject Plaintiff’s request of for $564,000 every in compensatory damages in step with their failure to raise their burden of making that they’ve sustained the accidents they’ve claimed; (2) Defendant’s conduct changed into the proximate goal of their purported accidents, and (3) reject Plaintiff’s request of for punitive damages primarily primarily based mostly upon their failure to raise their burden (a) of proving Defendant’s conduct warrant punitive damages, and (b) failing to present the Court docket with a constitutionally sound basis for calculating mentioned damages. In the replacement, Defendant requests that the Court docket decrease each and each compensatory and punitive injure awards to a extra sensible amount in conserving along with his real involvement within the tournament and the evidentiary file on this case.”

Tekashi explained to the mediate that he’s too broke to pay the civil judgment. His accountant, Justin D. Kobay, corroborated this assertion. He mentioned if the court awards the unitive damages, Tekashi would admire to file for financial catastrophe.

“If this Court docket were to award the $564,000 in compensatory damages to every Plaintiff and/or award punitive damages the exhaust of the proposed 9.52 to 1 multiplier, Defendant would be rendered insolvent and would immediately admire to file for financial catastrophe relief. He would be unable to quilt the third-celebration costs he at this time will pay for his family contributors and certainly could presumably well not beef up himself to any extent extra.” 

Remove John P. Cronan and Magistrate Remove Jennifer E Willis admire not formally addressed any of Tekashi’s pleas right this moment.

Court docket documents confirmed Tekashi and his right workforce reveal he has extra financial responsibilities than his earnings can cater to. “Plaintiffs’ assertion that Defendant made “thousands and thousands upon thousands and thousands of bucks in ranking earnings” is entirely misleading”. 

His attorneys offered a spreadsheet showing Tekashi owes his file note and has no viable source of earnings.  The rapper made well-known earnings in 2018-2020, mostly from advances he got below his recording artist agreement. The final of that changed into paid in slack 2020 when he changed into paid $3 million. Alternatively, Tekashi’s agreement along with his file note and merchandising licensee request of that he recoup or pay assist those advances sooner than he’s going to be paid any royalty from the sale of his files.  As of December 2021, Tekashi has failed to develop enough to totally pay assist the advances he got.

Kobay shed extra light on the issue of Tekashi69’s budget.

“In 2021, since Defendant changed into not touring or releasing original track while he changed into incarcerated, and for the next 1-1/2 years after his open, his earnings declined to the point the keep, for 2022 (January – March), total earnings from all sources changed into fully $27,816. Defendant’s ranking monthly earnings is at this time $2,318. I am blind to any numerous assets of Defendant besides his royalty plug or advances from entertainment companies. I am not mindful of any possession of any securities, copyrights, realty, or numerous assets owned by Defendant or any of his entertainment companies. Defendant’s original liabilities, including past-due taxes, are bigger than his assets. Ensuing from this reality, his ranking price is technically decrease than zero.” 

Simply about a days within the past Tekashi returned to Instagram to snort that he’s assist. Back to troll and assist with original track. He mentioned, “I am hoping everybody enjoyed their 15 minutes, the demon is assist April 15th, I’m the beast they couldn’t dangle, basically the most hated animal. The king of Recent York is coming assist, don’t web caught on replay.”

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