Nvidia’s latest overly worthy and costly GPU, the RTX 3090 Ti, has been out for almost a week. As strange PC enthusiasts have taken this mysterious GPU apart, its internals may have revealed some juicy secrets about the next generation of RTX graphics.

Upon cessation inspection of the printed circuit board (PCB) and the engineering beneath, some cessation observers on Twitter have celebrated that there are spaces on the RTX 3090 Ti’s board for extra energy supply. They’ve celebrated that some AIB (add-in board) cards even have room for a 2d 12VHPWR, the Intel named PCIe 5.0 connector that can energy 600 watts. Why? Neatly, it may feature as the bridge between the contemporary generation of GPUs and the next.

If AD102 and GA102 are pin-compatible and AIBs reuse RTX 3090 Ti PCB designs for AD102 cards, I assume we can wager why so many of them have spots for extra energy supply parts pic.twitter.com/WCsiG9PvK8

— Charlie (@ghost_motley) April 2, 2022

Twitter user @ghost_motley, who’s a moderator of PC hardware sub-Reddits, celebrated that if the AD102 GPU matches the ability pin layout as the GA102 extinct in Ampere cards, it may make it easier for board partners to originate cards for Lovelace GPUs.

In fact, some RTX 3090 Ti graphics cards (specifically EVGA) have an unpopulated ATX 3.0 connection that would theoretically give it access to over 1,200W of energy.

In February, Igor Wallossek also wrote on his net page that the RTX 3090 Ti may be a “learning object” for board partners to create energy-hungry graphics cards. Theoretically, the GA102 and AD102 GPUs sharing pin layouts would allow partners to reuse contemporary cards without having to totally redesign the cooling alternatives.

The hot Nvidia hack offered some juicy information about the imaginable capabilities of the RTX 4000-series GPUs. The RTX 4090 is rumored to be twice as worthy of the contemporary RTX 3090. Given the 750W energy requirements for the RTX 3090 Ti, one may learn about 1000W and over requirements for the RTX 4090.

Within the meantime, the king of the performance hill is ludicrously costly and heavy RTX 3090 Ti. If you’re planning on picking this up for some reason, you’re probably probably to upgrade your energy supply anyway. Take into account it an funding in the longer term as soon as the Lovelace GPUs learn about the sunshine of day.

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