Samsung Galaxy Tab S8 Plus

MSRP $900.00

“The Samsung Galaxy Tab S8+ is the very finest Android tablet you can opt. Essentially the most helpful thing keeping it encourage is tool, and that is the reason basically no longer Samsung’s fault.”



Intelligent hardware

Intelligent exhibit

Gigantic speakers

Productivity powerhouse


Keyboard case no longer incorporated

Some tool grief

Android pills maintain gotten a ghastly rap up till now, largely as a result of neither Google nor developers seemed as if it would care a lot about them. However there’s one firm that does care about them — Samsung. Famous savor the smartphone market, Samsung has draw up shop as the walk-to tablet maker when it involves high-quit top rate Android pills. The Samsung Galaxy Tab S8 pills are Samsung’s newest makes an strive at making massive Android pills.

Dear reader, Samsung is there. However the tablet will not be any longer supreme, and handiest some of that is Samsung’s fault. I’ve been utilizing the Samsung Galaxy Tab S8 Plus as my handiest tablet for three weeks, and this is my full review.

Hardware, exhibit, and form
Adam Doud/Digital Traits
One of many high facets of the Samsung Galaxy Tab S8+ is the form and assemble quality. Place simply, this tablet is in reality pleasing. The 12.4-jog camouflage is gargantuan with itsy-bitsy, but noticeable bezels all around that are supreme for keeping the tablet. The Armor Aluminum frame is sturdy and exudes a top rate in reality feel. Around the sides, in landscape orientation, you’ll fetch speakers high and bottom on either side, a energy button and volume rocker on the quit along with the SIM and SD card tray, and a USB-C Charging and data port on the honest. On the encourage, there’s a digital camera housing that extends many of the fashion across the encourage of the tablet. Here is the build aside you can magnetically retailer and charge the incorporated S Pen.

The tablet is extremely skinny at absorbing 5.7mm and weighs absorbing 567 grams. My review unit is the Wi-Fi handiest mannequin; the 5G mannequin is heavier at 572 grams. These specifications attain no longer include the load of the keyboard case or the S Pen. On the within, you get a Qualcomm Snapdragon 8 Gen 1 processor, 128GB of on-board storage, and 8GB of RAM. The tablet is powered by a 10,090 mAh battery that can be charged at 45 watts if Samsung troubled to ship a charger in the box.

Total, the form of this tablet absorbing exudes a top rate in reality feel.

The exhibit is a good-making an strive 12.4-jog, 120Hz AMOLED panel with a resolution of 1752 x 2800. It has in reality intelligent contrast and coloration replica. It’s covered in Gorilla Glass 5 and presents massive viewing angles. The camouflage also holds a fingerprint sensor positioned on the honest side (sorry southpaws) when the tablet is in landscape orientation.

The 16: 10 aspect ratio is big for video consumption, but a little on the short side for some tasks. My Lenovo Legion 5i has the identical aspect ratio, but its 16-jog camouflage is better-suited to work-linked tasks. For a camouflage this itsy-bitsy, I’d opt to gaze something discontinuance to three:2, but that’s my handiest criticism.

Total, the form of this tablet absorbing exudes a top rate in reality feel. From the thinness, to the assemble presents, to the camouflage, this is a tablet that industrial consultants can be proud to drag out of their briefcase. It’s a home hasten.

Keyboard camouflage and S Pen
Alongside with the tablet, you get an S Pen, and my review unit incorporated the book camouflage with keyboard that charges an additional $160. That’s a shame, and we’ll focus on the book camouflage first. Place simply, the Samsung Galaxy Tab S8+ is in reality handiest a massive work PC-substitute with the keyboard camouflage. The keys are slim and maintain good trip. The buttons are no longer smooth. The keyboard layout is awesome with massive pitch between the keys. The keyboard is plastic, so whereas you’re typing on a surface that isn’t flat, there’s a type of flex. That would possibly perchance presumably originate it demanding to form for your lap. The keyboard camouflage also handiest holds the tablet at a single attitude; it’s no longer adjustable.

Adam Doud/Digital Traits
The pogo pins on the bottom of the tablet snap magnetically into the keyboard case and robotically start Samsung Dex, which we’ll get into in the next part. There’s nothing unparalleled about the keyboard; it’s good but no longer massive. Combine that with its necessity in a tablet this top rate, and there’s simply no reason why the keyboard shouldn’t be shipped in the box. Even whereas you added $100 to the value of the tablet to attain it, it can be value it.

I will exhibit how candy it is that the S Pen from my Galaxy S22 Ultra also works on this tablet.

The S Pen is a massive instrument that’s easy to protect and write with. It’s very responsive with minimal latency. It’s massive for the entirety from drawing cartoons rtoselecting text. Writing is gentle, but Samsung looks to maintain grief translating my chicken scratch into text. Granted, my handwriting is dreadful, but Apple’s Scribble doesn’t maintain virtually the amount of grief recognizing my writing.

I will exhibit how candy it is that the S Pen from my Galaxy S22 Ultra also works on this tablet. That’s in point of fact no longer something Samsung needed to include, but it did and I adore it.

The Samsung Galaxy Tab S8+ works on Android 12, and I used Samsung DeX as a rule. Samsung DeX basically Window-fies your Android tablet by adding a gadget tray with notifications in the bottom-honest nook and a dock showing your energetic apps across the bottom of the camouflage. Sound familiar? Must you’re pondering it sounds savor a desktop working gadget, you’re factual.

DeX also permits you to exercise apps in resizable windows, which skill you can get some in reality demanding ore multitasking executed. I used the Galaxy Tab S8+ as my work machine for three days throughout my testing interval, and it labored massive. I was ready to write, videoconference with my group, edit articles, and switch tasks by Asana with ease. At occasions, I forgot I was engaged on an Android tablet.

Adam Doud/Digital Traits
The shortcomings that I fetch in the tool are no longer even Samsung’s fault. Asana, the task administration service we exercise at Digital Traits, works massive as a internet interface, but is a bit of a dumpster fire as a mobile app. Fortunately, I’m ready to construct aside a matter to the desktop site in Chrome to get encourage to the workflow I do know and adore.

The 1Password app absorbing flat-out won’t hasten in DeX mode for some reason. This becomes a bit of a chore since it’s my necessary password supervisor, so I stumbled on myself having to swap encourage to tablet mode absorbing long sufficient to replica and paste a password sooner than switching encourage to DeX mode.

All of these inconveniences exhibit the determined and glaring flaw in the Galaxy Tab S8+. It’s an Android tablet, and whereas you witness yourself unconsciously nodding honest now, I don’t blame you. The truth of the topic is that many apps emulate Asana and 1Password in the Android world. Some apps are perfectly vivid, don’t get me sinful. However as for the remainder, they either don’t work neatly or, in identical cases, they don’t work at all. Here will not be any longer Samsung’s fault per se. Indeed, there’s little Samsung can attain about any of this, which skill all it can attain it smile and shrug.

In legitimate sports activities, one of the most worst issues an group can attain to its fans is bid, “I don’t know,” as in “I don’t know why that ball that was obviously a strike was known as a ball” or “I don’t know why the referee disregarded that name.” I don’t know why 1Password doesn’t work in Dex mode. That’s no longer massive, but I in reality feel savor I’m harping, so I’ll switch on.

Digital camera and audio
On a tablet, the very finest cameras that count are the front-going by cameras for videoconferencing. On the encourage are two cameras. There’s a 13-megapixel necessary digital camera and 6 MP ultrawide digital camera. I don’t list you exercise them for something but fable scanning, and even then, handiest whereas you’re determined. It’s no longer as a result of they’re ghastly; they’re vivid. However you can also maintain gotten a phone for your pocket. Exhaust it. The final identical, I swallowed my delight and snapped a few shots below.

The front-going by digital camera is a 12MP 120-diploma ultrawide digital camera that looks in reality good throughout video conferences. The wide field of explore captures quite a lot of background. The auto framing that Samsung introduced to its phones is here, and it is good, but aggressive. The digital camera pans on the slightest motion, which is what it’s presupposed to attain in spite of the entirety. I’d presumably opt absorbing a bit of additional smoothing on that pan to originate it peep crisp, but other folks I videoconferenced with had no complaints.

Performance, security, and battery
Adam Doud/Digital Traits
On the efficiency quit, the tablet performs savor a champ. Samsung had a bit of a dust up with Geekbench of slack, however the app unexcited works. I ran a few alternative benchmark exams and the implications are below:

Geekbench single core: 1,205
Geekbench multi-core:3,258
Geekbench OpenCL: 5,839
3DMark Wild Lifestyles: 8,605 (Reasonable frame rate 51.50)
GFX T-Rex Test: 6,693 frames

Battery life is extremely good on the tablet. I most continuously ended most full workdays with 20% to 25% left in the tank. A workday for me involves music streaming, video streaming, videoconferencing, internet browsing, and any selection of texts, chats, and emails to answer to. I never had grief getting although a day and even had some left for video staring at or reading at evening.

Numerous facets
There are two other facets that this tablet comes with that are unheard of. Essentially the most foremost is the ability to exercise the tablet as a 2nd camouflage for your Windows pc pc. Here is such as many wi-fi shows you can also maintain utilized in the past.

Personally, I even maintain previously used a free app known as Spacedesk that suited me absorbing vivid. I linked it to a 10-jog tablet and used it to dock a Netflix window or a YouTube music player. The camouflage was in reality too itsy-bitsy for it to be in reality precious as a 2nd camouflage, but it was a nice build aside to tuck away a window the build aside it was easily accessible. This was a protracted legend intended to list you that the identical is basically absorbing here. Even with a 12.4-jog camouflage, I stumbled on the camouflage assure absorbing too itsy-bitsy to manufacture a type of labor. Also connectivity was spotty. This characteristic isn’t executed baking but.

On the opposite hand, utilizing your Galaxy S22 Ultra as a accomplice to drawing apps on the Galaxy Tab S8+ works comely a lot. You first connect your phone to the tablet utilizing a QR code, and from there you can opt tools, colors, and additional for your phone. It’s dapper, but there are a few drawbacks.

The usage of your Galaxy S22 Ultra as a accomplice to drawing apps on the Galaxy Tab S8+ works comely a lot.

Essentially the most helpful app the build aside that functionality exists is in Clip Studio Paint, which will not be any longer a extremely good app. I’m no longer an artist — I even maintain chums for that — but Clip Studio Paint was troublesome to log into, and the drawing journey was absorbing sufficient. Plus, after I exercise my phone as a toolbox/coloration picker, the tools are unexcited on the camouflage of the tablet which defeats the reason of utilizing the phone. No longer your total tools are selectable on the phone. Total, it’s an mesmerizing, but half-baked solution.

Notebook computer substitute?
Adam Doud/Digital Traits
The gargantuan seek data from here is whether or no longer you can exercise this tablet as a pc pc substitute. They reply will not be any longer in reality determined. The hardware is completely no longer lacking. But again, I’d opt a taller camouflage absorbing thanks to how Digital Traits’ CMS works, but I was ready to write and edit tales with no state. Also, I was ready to full multiple workdays utilizing handiest this tablet. That’s no longer insignificant.

Those days did now not include the necessity to attain any image editing although. I unexcited haven’t stumbled on a massive app for image editing for Android, nor maintain I stumbled on a good one for multi-music audio editing. Therein lies the difficulty. This tablet is better than unheard of sufficient to attain the work I need it to attain, however the tool isn’t there but.

Pricing and availability
The Samsung Galaxy Tab S8+ is on hand to purchase this present day at, Most efficient Take, and Amazon. It retails for $900.

Our purchase
Adam Doud/Digital Traits
Here is one of the most very finest Android pills you can opt, but it has a establish to match. It’s dwarfed in dimension, establish, and usability by its better sibling, the Samsung Galaxy Tab S8 Ultra, however the Tab S8+ is in the Goldilocks zone of computing pills. It will not be any longer too itsy-bitsy and no longer too gargantuan. It’s mountainous sufficient to attain your work, and sufficiently itsy-bitsy to fit easily into a ranking. Yes, it’s costly, but it comes with a lot capability that whereas you are an Android fan, and particularly whereas you’re a Samsung fan, you can also easily utilize this over a comparably priced pc pc without lacking a beat.

It’s no longer supreme, but it’s very discontinuance. If Samsung shipped the keyboard that I’m utilizing to write this review in the box, it’s a strong 10. As it stands, I even must give it a nine as a result of without the keyboard, the usability drops precipitously. On the opposite hand, whereas you can also maintain gotten a massive Bluetooth keyboard that you love, this tablet will pair very successfully to it. DeX is prominent at mimicking a desktop computing journey. If the remainder of the tool no longer made by Samsung ever catches up, pc pc makers can also start up to sweat.

Is there the next substitute?
Must you’re purchasing for better Android pills, the Tab S8 Ultra is the very finest one. Must you don’t care about Android, the Apple iPad Educated will provide you with a the same journey, however the desktop computing journey will not be any longer good at all. Must that it’s possible you’ll presumably savor Android but no longer Samsung, you’re out of luck. Here is the very finest Android tablet you can opt. In reality, given a vary between the Galaxy Tab S8 Ultra, and this one, I’ll presumably purchase this one as a result of it’s absorbing a little bit extra portable.

How long will it last?
This tablet is extremely neatly-constructed, but savor any pills, it’s vital to get a case. It can be the keyboard camouflage I bought with my review unit, or any selection of alternative cases that can take this soccer field-sized share of glass safe. Must you attain, this tablet must last you a in point of fact very long time. It will last at least as long as the tool does. Samsung guarantees three years of OS updates and four years of security updates.

Might presumably presumably unexcited you choose it?
Yes, assuming you’ll need it. Must you’re purchasing for a direct material client or a Netflix box, there are any selection of pills that can fit that bill for a ways much less cash. However in expose for you a tablet that can work and play with you, and you’ll need it to be Android, this is the very finest there’s.

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